Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Hey All! Wow! What a week it has been!!
Linking up to Sar's blog again for some Thursday Thoughts!!

1) VBS this week at my church-- there's a reason I'm not a mom yet! I'm pooped working all day and then two and a half hours in the evening there! God knows what he's doing!!

2) My gallbladder is a brat! I'm having issues and may have to have it removed as early as next week. Not looking forward to that- but hopeful for no more pain. You take the bad with the good tho- and this is a gastric bypass side effect.

3) I wanna be a model! Like for reals! Is that OK to say?? I have a friend doing another mini session Saturday for me to expand her portfolio! I LOVE pictures! Does that sound conceited?? I still love these Ramsey did, and she wants to do more of me for her portfolio!!

4) I miss my workouts! With the VBS, the gallbladder issue and work being super CRAZY- I do NOT like when I don't get to the gym. "Moma needs her yard time!"

5) I could seriously keep these ducks forever- but alas... nature (aka MomaDuck) is already taking them to the pond!!
6) I have a shopping problem!! I like LOVE it!! It just makes me so happy! I try to justify it by saying my clothes are getting to big and I need more (which I really do) but seriously- I can't stop buying cutesy stuff and buy work clothes!! And I can't wear some of my dresses to work- can I? A nice one shoulder never hurt anyone?! :-D My thought is if I can wear it to church, I can wear it to work...


Sar said...

Those pictures are fierce, Stacy, I love them! You could totally be a model! And those ducks are precious!

Jessie said...

ADORBS pictures AND duckies.

I had my gallbladder out! No big deal. You'll be totally fine.

Katie said...

Gah, gallbladder woes. Sorry girl! Good thing you're easing your mind with some shopping! I LOVE SHOPPING! :)

Happy Thursday!

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