Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Thursdays- Celebrity Doppelganger!!

Linking up again with Natalie, Linny and Kailyn for Random Thursday again!!
These girls have really got something fun going!!

I have always wondered who I look like... has this fun little game where you can link to your celebrity doppelganger (which sidebar- I've never heard of that word until "How I Met Your Mother")

I tried three different pictures... and got three different celebs!!

Beyonce?? Really?? Not at all!! Cindy Crawford's in this mix tho- thanks! Jennifer Garner's a compliment too!!

Ummm a tie between Dakota Fanning, Diane Lane and Brooke Shields??
I don't see any of those!! But the latter two are a compliment!!
I'm getting matched with a lot of Asian actresses I've never heard of...

This one was by far my fav!! But I still dont' really see a resemblance!!

What do you think? Who would play me in a movie- looks wise??
Who would play you??
Maybe I've got my own look and I need to really consider this modelling thing! LOL


Lin said...

Wow, you were matched with some gorgeous women! I'm a bit jealous haha. Definitely see a bit of a resemblance with Jennifer her btw.

Thanks for joining us for the link up! Hope to see you again for this Thursday's topic :)

Stacy Kinard said...

That made my day! Thank you!!
How can I get on the mailing list for the Random Thursday each week?

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