Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

Floating around blogland is a post about sharing some of the dirty details of yourself!
OK- maybe not the dirty details, but some interesting facts!!

If You Really Knew Me:
  • You'd know that I am a moma's girl! She is my best friend!
  • You'd know that I love animals and wish I could foster dogs and cats from the SPCA- but I'd never be able to give them back!
  • You'd know I'm a little high maintenance! OK- at times a LOT high maintenance.
  • You'd know I am a nail biter! This is where part of the high maintenance comes in- I gotta keep my nails done so I don't bite! And since I'm there- I gotta get the toes done too!
  • You'd know I love to work out! I never thought this would be something about me- but I really do! I love my gym time! Or even just walking/running around the neighborhood!
  • You'd know I am addicted to Facebook! It's shameful and I get picked on for it- but I love it and can't help it! And I don't care! Not changing!
  • You'd know I love pictures! Taking them of the things I do, places I go, memories made. I never want to forget things!
  • You'd know I have crooked toes! It's a joke between my friends because I use to say they looked like they were talking to each other! And they never let me live it down!!
  • You'd know I have a shopping problem! Like, for reals! I loooove shopping! It's dangerous!!
  • You'd know I wear my heart on my sleeve and love easily!
  • You'd know when I get sick I can be a big baby (says the girl who cried for her mommy on several occasions yesterday before and after surgery!)
  • You'd know I love my friends like family! I would do anything for them!!
  • You'd know I hate to post a blog without pictures!!
    So some pinteresting ideas.... :-)

Also a little update on Moma Duck... she's taken the kiddos to the pond! But I caught a few pics!!

And because she's so sweet!!
My slacker nurse!

At least she's keeping my spot warm!!

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