Monday, July 30, 2012

Phone Photo Fun Monday | Weekend Recap


Hey Hey Friends!
Another weekend has come and gone... So super sad!
Even with a recovery and healing, I was able to have a super fun weekend!!
***Not including the wreck I had leaving work today!!***

I was still not feeling it and only made it a half day at work!
Came home and went straight to the couch and slept almost 4 hours! It was soooo needed!!
I am so lucky to work for a company that helped with leave and a boss that was supportive of my health!!

I rented some movies and got some soup and spent Friday night with my loves!
They were all about making sure mommy was OK!! Best medicine: puppy snuggles!

I woke up and played a little Betty Crocker...
I'm making the cake for my moms 40th Class Reunion so I needed to play with some cake mixes and see what was needed.
I also made these little guys that I was told were awesome:
Diet Cupcakes! (Don't Laugh)

One box of cake mix+one can of diet coke
Lite Whip Cream Frosting!!
I can't eat them, but was told they were just as good and moist as ever!!
You're Welcome!!

Since I couldn't hit the beach with bandages- I did the next best thing... SHOPPING!!
And with the heat I had to refuel with some Diet Lemonade from the fab Chick-Fil-A!!
PS! Everyone eat/support Chick Fil A Wednesday August 1!!

After I spent way too much money, I went to try and win some back- HA!!
Didn't happen- but still had fun!
Cute puppy, good luck kisses!!

Love some Texas Hold 'Em..... 
Until I get bored! LOL

Betty Crocker went back to work and threw some icing on this bad boy... (not too well either-LOL)

This may or may not have ended up at work today!
Good thing I work with a lot of hungry men!!

Someone helping mom with the Laundry!!
Or supervising I should say!!

After the clothes were semi washed... I headed out to the Riverdogs game to see my sweet family!!

Shocker a Mirror Self Pic!!

Love this pretty princess!!

This is one cute lil man!! 


Storm Troopers at the Riverdogs!!
Couldn't help but laugh after I got the pictures of the kiddos with them- sneaky storm trooper asked if I wanted to "hold his blaster" Clever! #StarWarsPickUpLines

After a fun night out- I headed home to finish up that laundry that was lingering...
I came to a few conclusions....
1) I have too many clothes
2) I have a shopping problem!
3) I will not allow myself to shop for at least a month week! (I'll try OK!!)

This is only two sides!! One side is all shoes!!!
Lord help me!!!

How was your weekend??
What's on your phone??
Link up and share!!

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