Monday, July 23, 2012

Phone Photo Fun + Weekend Recap


Hey Friends... Another weekend has come and gone! How was your weekend? Mine was waaaayyy too short, but it always is! At least it was jampacked with fun!!

Friday night no pics were snapped as I just stayed at home and watched a movie- sometimes that's so needed though!!

Saturday: the fun began!
I woke up early and headed downtown for a photo shoot with a friend! It was soooo much fun!!
I know this is phone photo- but I have to throw a few in! Amanda did AWESOME!

Back to the phone photos:
After the shoot, I took advantage of the beautiful city I live in and walked around through the market and King!
I loved this hat- but $28 was over my budget!

How true is this statement?!

Yes I did stop this kid and take a picture of his shirt!!

All of that was thru the market... then I discovered the Holy Grail...

I have NEVER been here! EVER! I was completely overwhelmed- but in the best way!!

After downtown, I headed to Tanger to spend the gift cards burning a hole through my pocket!!
Oh am I glad I did!! I bought lots of new stuff- most of which I can wear to work! YAY!!
But the best part is I got into my smallest size EVER: 12!!! What?! I cried in the dressing room!!
Then I went and got more! I got about $100 worth of clothes for $13 dollars of my own money! YAY!!
I love Old Navy bucks time!!

After all the shopping, it was time to go home and prep for my: 10 year reunion! What? It's been 10 years since High School? Cue Romy and Michelle please!

These two where pooped from my day, so I had to snap a lil pic! 

Thanks to Forever 21 for my attire for the night:

It was a super fun time! And I stole a few pics from friends from the night!

Meeting sweet Mary Caroline for the first time!!


Always ready for a pic!


C/O 2002!!

Yeah- give me your camera and this is what happens!!

Sunday all the fun from the day hit me and I slept til 12!! OOPS! I missed church! :-(
I did get to my second home tho! A trip to the beach with my much missed Bestie!!

It was glorious and oh so needed!!

At home I got ready for the week by cleaning out some clothes and cleaning my house!
I'm going to be out of commission come Tuesday with this Gallbladder surgery!! *Prayers Appreciated*

I did snap one more pic of my peeping tom during my bubble bath!
He's too funny!!

Can't let mommy too far out of sight! Even if he can't hold his eyes open!!
Link up and share your weekend!! 


Diana said...

The photo of the water coming behind you is amazing!

Amy said...

Looks like you had a fun weekend!

Ashlee Miller said...

Looks like a fulfilled weekend!

Stacy Kinard said...

Thanks all! It was a great weekend!! :-)

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