Tuesday, July 10, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 10

Life of Love

Oh Me, Oh My... is it really only Tuesday?? I'm exhausted and not feeling good at all. I can't figure out if I've got a little bug, if I'm dehydrated or just plain rundown! I'm gonna make a call to my doc just to be sure!

Continuing on the challenge...

[Day 10]: What is your most embarrassing moment?
I really wish I could say I didn't have an embarrassing moment and I'm a very cool chic that never embarrasses herself- but alas- that's not true... at ALL!!
I do like to just live for the moment and just be me- I will do some things that embarrass me, but I genuinely am just a goofy by nature and am OK with that.
In saying all that- I can't help but remember an experience in 6th grade that still sticks out as hugely embarrassing!!
It was my first year at Northwood- my new school and I was a chunky girl and not the MOST popular, I had friends, but not the coolest chick on the block. Well there was this guy, W, I couldn't STAND! He just egged me on and loved it. Gave me pure torture! One day I had had enough and he came up to me and did something (don't even remember what) that caused me to chase him. We were in the gym and it was carpeted for our safety-- see where this is going??
I was running (and not very well) after him when BOOM my foot trips on the carpet and I go down! Did I mention yet I was in a dress?? Oh yes, one that flew up and showed my white panties to the whole class lined up there to see!
So here we have, W, laughing more hysterically, and me on the ground with two deeply rugburned knees and scraped hands while my dress is lifted to my head.
How's that visual for ya??
It gets better... as I'm in with the nurse getting all bandaged up- that teacher had spoke to the class about not laughing at me about my fall and indecent exposure incident!! How do I know? Because they told me of course!
Oh middle school- how I don't miss you at all!! :-)

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Sar said...

I bet the teacher thought she was doing something good, telling the class not to laugh at you, but probably brough way more attention to it than necessary! So awkward!

Ditto, I'm grateful that I am out of junior high and high school!

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