Friday, September 28, 2012

Friday Links!

How happy are you?! We made it through another week!
I can't wait for all the exciting things I have planned this weekend!
Monday's post should be full of fun!

But until then- let's play with the Friday link ups!!
Let Them Eat Cake
Linking again with the Friday Blog Hop in hopes to make some new blog friends and readers!
Look around and stay a while! :-)
Some Letters!!
Dear Weekend:
You are going to be AWESOME!!
Dear Smile:
I can't wipe you off my face! SRSLY!
Dear Nails:
Welcome back to looking good!! EEK!

 Dear Gamecocks:
Take us to 5-0
*My first day wearing Skinnys and heels* 
Dear Fall TV Line Up:
You aren't disappointing!!
Dear Hips:
You need to shape up or ship out!!

Dear Debit Card:
I'm sorry I put such a hurtin' on you last night.
But- In my defense- I got cute stuff!!

Dear Christmas?!?!
While I am super excited for you,
Let me enjoy Fall!!

Dear Men:
Wanna know a secret??
A little cologne goes a LONG way with me!!
(I went looking at perfumes last night and spent more time smelling the mens than finding one I liked for me)
((There's something about a good smellin' man!!))
*This one captivated me*
This week’s statements:
1. when I was little I was called _Stacylouwho and Sweet Pea- ok who am I kidding, I'm still called these__
2. _Crystal Light Sugar Free Hard Candies__are my favorite candy
3. If I could have one magical power it would be_to read minds!! That would be the best EVER_____
4. If I could go back to school it would be to become a _model! I know superficial and can't really go to school for it- but I LOVE having my picture taken!!________
1.  My first memory is     going into my "Grannys" house to be watched in the mornings before I started K4   .

2.  My first love was  my dad. Yeah- I told him when I got older he had to divorce my mom and marry me- He did divorce her, but the latter of that ain't happening! LOL     .

3.  My very first favorite color was    pink!! "Pink is my signature color" (bonus points if you know that movie) I LOOOOVED all things pink- still do!! .

4. The first time I really felt like a "grown-up" was when     There are times I'm still not convinced I'm a grown-up!!  .

5. The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is  lay in bed and check my phone. It wakes up my eyes and I see what I missed on Facebook (obsessed much) .

6. The first CD (cassette tape, record, etc...) I ever bought was   the first I bought?? I think it was Amy Grant  .

7.  My first car was  a 1995 Chevy Astro Van. WHAT WHAT!! That thing was a TANK!! Luckily it didn't last long b4 I got my Subaru  .
That's all ladies and gents!
Have a fabulous weekend!
I plan to! :-)

Movie Night Swap Link-Up

My First Swap!!
Linny hosted a fun movie swap!
I was so excited and quick to sign up!

I'm sure glad I did!

I got hooked up with Simone!
What a doll!
I literally squealed when I opened the door and the box was there!!

Here's what I got!!
I didn't get just ONE movie- I got FOUR!!
And what better than Nicholas Sparks!!
I can't wait to dive into these!!

Jealous?? I would be too!!

I can't eat popcorn, so I got a yummy treat instead!! Delish!!

Doesn't mean I can't pretend! How cute!!

What a sweet trinket!!
And very heartfelt!!

This was so fun and I am so glad I linked up!
Thanks Linny for hosting!! :-)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts Time!!

How many times to I say it and how often do I write:
No, I promise, there's nothing super spectacular going on and I haven't won the lottery or fallen in love (yet)
BUT- I am so happy!
I love that I look around my life, my job, my home, my friends and family and can't help but smile!
I am blessed beyond measure and so undeserving!!
God is Good GREAT!

So, in ranting about my happy little life...
I'll switch up my order today!
~ I have visited this spot the past two days and I'm headed there today!!
I love walking this thing and tho it takes some gas to get over there- the feeling I get at the top of the bridge is just fabulous!! I'm going to start going a minimum of once a week!
~Speaking of the above!
I loved going with my cousin Tuesday to play catch up with her!!
We are five months apart and I just adore her!

~And just keeping up with this bridge theme!
I'm going today after work with my newest cousin!
My cousin Brandon got married June 30th to his love, Lindsey!
I am excited to spend time with her and get to know her even better!!
(Even if she's a Clemson fan)

~I have a date Friday night!
We will be visiting "The Rat" and spending some QT together!
I am so excited!!

They are back!
I have one this Saturday! YAY!!
This money is going straight to iPhone 5!!

~Saturday is going to be ridic!!
10 mile run at 6 am, promo, Carolina game, Dancing, and somewhere in there I need to clean and do laundry!! Holy Moly!!

~Speaking of Carolina Games...
I decided last night I am going to the USC/GA game next week! I have so many friends that tailgate up there- why not? Why do I need to wait on someone to do what I want to do!
I love football and my Gamecocks and I'm going to enjoy myself!!
I already have 4 different Tailgates to hit!

~Speaking of those awesome friends-
My 30 before 30 list?!
SO many people have offered to help me achieve these goals!
They ROCK!!
Now to get Random-
Like I'm not already!!
Up this week: 
Oh what fun!!
No judgement here!
I was young and CRAY-CRAY!!

Doogie Howser, M.D. (yes I did add the MD)
OHHH I looooved this guy! I would cry when my dad would pick on me and say he was gay!!
Yeah, touche' dad, you won this battle!!

Zack Morris
Yeah- you know you loved him too!!

David Silver 
Yeah- lots of people like Brandon or Dylan- but I was a Silver fan!!

Nick Carter 
He was my BSB crush!!

Pacey Witter 
This is not new at all! I was Team Pacey all the way!!

Who were your crushes??
Also b/c I love making new blog friends:

Welcome to my blog! I'm a single gal from Charleston, SC- born and raised!
I had gastric bypass a year ago, so my life now consists of learning to eat better and live for me!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE life and try to always be positive!
Stick around and stay a while!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30 Before 30

I edited, thought about and tweeked this list so many times!
But here it is! My:
The race is on starting October 1!!
I will keep you posted and am open to your help to get these done!!

1.       Go to a Clemson/Carolina game
2.       Go on a Cruise
3.       Meet a Blog Friend
4.       Go Hunting
5.       Visit DC and the Holocaust Museum
6.       Foster a Soldier
7.       Do a sexy photo shoot
8.       Pay for a person’s food behind me at a fast food restaurant
9.       Take a Carriage Ride downtown
10.   Stand Up Paddleboard
11.   Take a Ceramics class
12.   Spend the whole day “boating”
13.   See a musical/play at the Coliseum
14.   Complete a marathon
15.   Treat myself to a spa day
16.   Ride in a limo
17.   Learn to drive a stick shift
18.   Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
19.   Get my Gamecock Tattoo
20.   Ride a jet ski
21.   Drive a convertible
22.   Learn to Shag
23.   Take a Self Defense Class
24.   Visit the Biltmore House
25.   Pay off a credit card
26.   Bungee Jump
27.   Ride in a helicopter
28.   Send a letter, card or gift to one person each month
29.   Become a volunteer at the Charleston Animal Society
30.   Throw a huge blow out for my 30th
1.       Go to Disney world2.       Buy a gun3.       Meet a celebrity4.       Scuba Dive5.       Fall in Love

10 on Tuesday {6}

Happy Tuesday Dears!!
How is everyones week starting off??
Mine? I can't stop smiling!

Time to Link with Linny Again for 10 on Tuesday!

Let's talk heels!
As I'm pulling out some of my boots that are yes, stilettos- I'm remembering that the high heel part is almost or totally gone. Should I throw them out and get new shoes or find somewhere to repair them?!
Don't get my wrong, I love the idea of buying new shoes, but my wallet doesn't always!!

I seriously need to get my nails done ASAP!!
I didn't want to while I did the house clean sweep- but now- OUCH!!

I am LOVING this cooler temp!
I know, I know! I whined about it a few weeks ago- but once the wardrobe got on board, I was all for it!

With the cooler temps comes the promise of fun, fall activities!!
Fright Nights, Halloween Extravaganzas, Fair!!

This makes me laugh!!
I LOVE this movie!!
Am I right? Am I right?!
Be a man, rub some dirt in it!!

Tell me these aren't some FABULOUS ladies!!
This is from my 21st birthday!!
We are all still friends and planning a night out this weekend!
Love these women!!
(Yes I was extra fluffy)

I started using this cute pink for summer, but am thinking of going back to my darker bronze type for fall/winter... Do you change your makeup colors for the season?

I need a new book to read!
I'm rereading the 50 Shades books and I'm on #3.
I may reread Breaking Dawn for the third time for the movie release.
I need something new! I like romance, funny, witty books.
I heard about 1 I'm looking into called "White Girl Problems"
Any other suggestions?

My Facebook is overloaded with people getting sick!
Stay away!!
I do not want and can not afford to be sick!!
(But I do hope you get better) :-D

Less than 6 weeks!!
I'll be in Savannah for my half marathon in less than 6 weeks!!
WHAT?! I need to get on the ball!
Training starts back hardcore today!!

What are your 10 on this fab Tuesday??
I'm gonna work some more on my 30 before 30 list!!
I hope to have that posted this week!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap Blog Hop

Hello Darlings!
Another weekend has come and gone!
How was yours??
Mine was one of those GREAT weekends again!
I love when I can't wipe the smile off my face!!

Sar is hosting a new link up today called:
"This Weekend I"
and I'm linking that up to my normal Monday linkups with Ashlee and Savannah:
And Sami:

This Weekend I,
Finished cleaning my WHOLE house!
It looks sooo good!
It's so nice to come home to!
*someones contribution to my cleaning*

This Weekend I,
Found a new love!
Thank you Netflix and my roomie for introducing me to:
I am halfway through the first season and have the rest of the week to get caught up before Sunday's premiere!! I'm LOVING this show!!

This Weekend I,
Watched my Gamecocks Win and the Tigers LOSE!!
Oh how pretty!!
*when I showed this pic to mom she said, "is he praying?" I said no, he was in shame!!*

This Weekend I,
Wore a dress I hadn't worn in a while and snapped a pic (shocker) to see the difference in a few months!
It was a LOT tighter before! IDK that you can tell the dif, but I felt it!

I know I am a self-pic queen- but I am just so happy!!

This Weekend I,
Went out dancing!!
I love love love shakin my booty!
It's the BEST workout!!
 *I love the photographers in the clubs/bars that take pictures for you*

*On the bar for Kayla's BDAY! Then I ran into my friend Becky and brought her on the bar!*

*Fun times with my friend Rhett*

This Weekend I,
Has a wonderful Sunday with my mom!
Starting with Church,

 Then lunch,
And some damage to my debit card!!
I had to go get some of the $19 colored Skinnys from Old Navy!
I'm loving how they look and can't wait to find some heels to wear with!!
I also found this cutie, but can't decide if it's too short!
Mom says yes without leggins- thoughts??

Yes I bought strictly b/c it was Garnet for my Gamecocks!!

This Weekend I,
Realized AGAIN how much I love my church family!
I am going to a bi-weekly small group where I am young enough to be everyones child and somes grandchild and they are still so wonderful! They all love me like their own!!

How was your weekend?
Link up and share!
Also linking with Meg for the Weekly Blog Hop!
This weeks question:
** Favorite TV show or a show you're most excited to catch this fall? **
Well, as I said, I'm loving this new show "Revenge" and sooo anxious to see what happens on "Grey's Anatomy"
You can catch the other new fall shows I'm loving in this post!

Hello, Again!!

Hey there lovelies! Miss me? HA! JK!! I did miss writing and venting and getting feelings out, hence the reason I'm back. I've ha...