Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Flashback Tuesday

Jen messaged me about joining up for her new link up!
I'm all there!
Up first is Vacation Flashback...
When and where did you last travel?
My last Vaca was back in January! I treated mom to a trip to her favorite place: the MOUNTAINS!!
We went to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge and had the BEST time!
It will definately be something we do again and again!!



Monday, July 30, 2012

Mingle Monday Blog Hop

Fun Fun Fun!!
I found this new link up and think it's a great way to make new friends!!
I wish I could be more talkative- but after my "walking on sunshine" kind of day...
I had this kinda afternoon:

Yes... it was my fault!
No... no one was hurt!!
No... I was NOT texting- I PROMISE!!
Yes... I balled like a baby!!

But back to this fun new link-up!
I hope to make some new friends!
** What is your favorite Olympic event or who is your fave athlete? **
I'd have to say swimming! My mom and aunts were swimmers and we always used to watch swimming growing up- but I love the adrenaline of it! Plus cute fit men in Speedos- hello!!!

Phone Photo Fun Monday | Weekend Recap


Hey Hey Friends!
Another weekend has come and gone... So super sad!
Even with a recovery and healing, I was able to have a super fun weekend!!
***Not including the wreck I had leaving work today!!***

I was still not feeling it and only made it a half day at work!
Came home and went straight to the couch and slept almost 4 hours! It was soooo needed!!
I am so lucky to work for a company that helped with leave and a boss that was supportive of my health!!

I rented some movies and got some soup and spent Friday night with my loves!
They were all about making sure mommy was OK!! Best medicine: puppy snuggles!

I woke up and played a little Betty Crocker...
I'm making the cake for my moms 40th Class Reunion so I needed to play with some cake mixes and see what was needed.
I also made these little guys that I was told were awesome:
Diet Cupcakes! (Don't Laugh)

One box of cake mix+one can of diet coke
Lite Whip Cream Frosting!!
I can't eat them, but was told they were just as good and moist as ever!!
You're Welcome!!

Since I couldn't hit the beach with bandages- I did the next best thing... SHOPPING!!
And with the heat I had to refuel with some Diet Lemonade from the fab Chick-Fil-A!!
PS! Everyone eat/support Chick Fil A Wednesday August 1!!

After I spent way too much money, I went to try and win some back- HA!!
Didn't happen- but still had fun!
Cute puppy, good luck kisses!!

Love some Texas Hold 'Em..... 
Until I get bored! LOL

Betty Crocker went back to work and threw some icing on this bad boy... (not too well either-LOL)

This may or may not have ended up at work today!
Good thing I work with a lot of hungry men!!

Someone helping mom with the Laundry!!
Or supervising I should say!!

After the clothes were semi washed... I headed out to the Riverdogs game to see my sweet family!!

Shocker a Mirror Self Pic!!

Love this pretty princess!!

This is one cute lil man!! 


Storm Troopers at the Riverdogs!!
Couldn't help but laugh after I got the pictures of the kiddos with them- sneaky storm trooper asked if I wanted to "hold his blaster" Clever! #StarWarsPickUpLines

After a fun night out- I headed home to finish up that laundry that was lingering...
I came to a few conclusions....
1) I have too many clothes
2) I have a shopping problem!
3) I will not allow myself to shop for at least a month week! (I'll try OK!!)

This is only two sides!! One side is all shoes!!!
Lord help me!!!

How was your weekend??
What's on your phone??
Link up and share!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do More of What Makes YOU Happy!!

Let me start by saying this post is random and these thoughts were floating around in my head and I wanted to remember them now and not later! Apologies if it's random!!

It's July 28th, 2012!! We are past the halfway mark of 2012- can you believe that?
Now this may be recovery talking and the fact that I'm semi-homebound- but I decided some things.
I was watching New Years Day yesterday (for the first time mind you- thank you Redbox) and it made me think about my New Years Resolutions. (Also made me think I need to to a Resolution Recap to see where I am on my resolutions- but that's another day!)
Anywho- back to my thoughts- here's this woman waiting until the last day of the year to get all that she wants done- no thank you!!
I'm 28 years old, healthy, happy and LOVING life- I'm not going to hold myself back anymore!!
I'm a very eclectic person and love a wide variety of things- but I'm always afraid to do things alone! I wait for someone else to come with or someone else to go with me places--- NO MORE!!
Granted- it's so super fun to have any one of my amazing friends with me while I do things- but if I can't find someone who wants to go dancing- and I want to go- I'm going!!
I'm not being my own roadblock anymore!!
Walking around through the battery last week I realized just how amazing of a city I live in- and I don't experience it enough!!
If I wanna go walk the battery, waterfront park or the market- I'm going to go!
If I wanna go shooting- I'm going shooting!
If I wanna hit the beach (which that's never a hard one to find friends to go with)- but I'm beaching it!

Life it too short!!
I'm going to:
Do more of what makes ME happy!

"What would you do today if you knew you couldn't fail?!
Now go out and do it!!"

Friday, July 27, 2012

High Five Friday Letters!!

Linking up to Friday Letters and High Five for Friday into one!
Therefore I'm limiting myself to 5 letters...

Dear Recovery!
You have been easier than I thought you would be and I thank God for that!!
Not that I want to have my gallbladder out every week, but this was doable!

Dear Running Shoes, Workout Clothes and Gym!
Don't get to use to not being used. I've only been told I'm not allowed to work out for 2 weeks!
I'll be picking right back up ASAP!!

Dear Friends and Family!
Thanks for taking such good care and looking out for me during recovery!!
I'm so thankful to each of you!!
Esp these little cuties that have been attached to my sides and not leaving mommy!

Dear Weekend Fun!
I'm not sure what you will consist of yet since tanning at the beach is probably not an option- but shopping is always on the back burner. So apologies to the debit card ahead of time!!
I don't need to shop the whole time tho, so...
Good think I've rented 4 movies from Redbox:
21 Jump Street, New Years Day, Mirror Mirror and This Means War!!

Dear Mom!
Thank you for being my #1 fan and supporter!
I wouldn't be anywhere without you!
You are always there for me- no matter what!! 
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!

Lots of love friends!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

If You Really Knew Me

Floating around blogland is a post about sharing some of the dirty details of yourself!
OK- maybe not the dirty details, but some interesting facts!!

If You Really Knew Me:
  • You'd know that I am a moma's girl! She is my best friend!
  • You'd know that I love animals and wish I could foster dogs and cats from the SPCA- but I'd never be able to give them back!
  • You'd know I'm a little high maintenance! OK- at times a LOT high maintenance.
  • You'd know I am a nail biter! This is where part of the high maintenance comes in- I gotta keep my nails done so I don't bite! And since I'm there- I gotta get the toes done too!
  • You'd know I love to work out! I never thought this would be something about me- but I really do! I love my gym time! Or even just walking/running around the neighborhood!
  • You'd know I am addicted to Facebook! It's shameful and I get picked on for it- but I love it and can't help it! And I don't care! Not changing!
  • You'd know I love pictures! Taking them of the things I do, places I go, memories made. I never want to forget things!
  • You'd know I have crooked toes! It's a joke between my friends because I use to say they looked like they were talking to each other! And they never let me live it down!!
  • You'd know I have a shopping problem! Like, for reals! I loooove shopping! It's dangerous!!
  • You'd know I wear my heart on my sleeve and love easily!
  • You'd know when I get sick I can be a big baby (says the girl who cried for her mommy on several occasions yesterday before and after surgery!)
  • You'd know I love my friends like family! I would do anything for them!!
  • You'd know I hate to post a blog without pictures!!
    So some pinteresting ideas.... :-)

Also a little update on Moma Duck... she's taken the kiddos to the pond! But I caught a few pics!!

And because she's so sweet!!
My slacker nurse!

At least she's keeping my spot warm!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Phone Photo Fun + Weekend Recap


Hey Friends... Another weekend has come and gone! How was your weekend? Mine was waaaayyy too short, but it always is! At least it was jampacked with fun!!

Friday night no pics were snapped as I just stayed at home and watched a movie- sometimes that's so needed though!!

Saturday: the fun began!
I woke up early and headed downtown for a photo shoot with a friend! It was soooo much fun!!
I know this is phone photo- but I have to throw a few in! Amanda did AWESOME!

Back to the phone photos:
After the shoot, I took advantage of the beautiful city I live in and walked around through the market and King!
I loved this hat- but $28 was over my budget!

How true is this statement?!

Yes I did stop this kid and take a picture of his shirt!!

All of that was thru the market... then I discovered the Holy Grail...

I have NEVER been here! EVER! I was completely overwhelmed- but in the best way!!

After downtown, I headed to Tanger to spend the gift cards burning a hole through my pocket!!
Oh am I glad I did!! I bought lots of new stuff- most of which I can wear to work! YAY!!
But the best part is I got into my smallest size EVER: 12!!! What?! I cried in the dressing room!!
Then I went and got more! I got about $100 worth of clothes for $13 dollars of my own money! YAY!!
I love Old Navy bucks time!!

After all the shopping, it was time to go home and prep for my: 10 year reunion! What? It's been 10 years since High School? Cue Romy and Michelle please!

These two where pooped from my day, so I had to snap a lil pic! 

Thanks to Forever 21 for my attire for the night:

It was a super fun time! And I stole a few pics from friends from the night!

Meeting sweet Mary Caroline for the first time!!


Always ready for a pic!


C/O 2002!!

Yeah- give me your camera and this is what happens!!

Sunday all the fun from the day hit me and I slept til 12!! OOPS! I missed church! :-(
I did get to my second home tho! A trip to the beach with my much missed Bestie!!

It was glorious and oh so needed!!

At home I got ready for the week by cleaning out some clothes and cleaning my house!
I'm going to be out of commission come Tuesday with this Gallbladder surgery!! *Prayers Appreciated*

I did snap one more pic of my peeping tom during my bubble bath!
He's too funny!!

Can't let mommy too far out of sight! Even if he can't hold his eyes open!!
Link up and share your weekend!! 

Hello, Again!!

Hey there lovelies! Miss me? HA! JK!! I did miss writing and venting and getting feelings out, hence the reason I'm back. I've ha...