Sunday, July 8, 2012

15 Day Challenge- Day 8

Life of Love

Happy Sunday friends!! What a wonderful weekend and birthday I had!! I can wait to share with you all!! Before I do, let's keep going on the 15 Day Challenge!! [Day 8]: Describe the good, the bad, and the ugly about yourself.  The Good- I have a huge heart and love with it fully! I wear my heart on my sleeve which makes me very sensitive to others. I am an optomist and love making those around me happy!!

The Bad- All of the above can have a bad side- I can easily get hurt because I fall hard and love quick. I allow myself to get taken advantage of because of that heart on my sleeve.

The Ugly- I can have a BAD temper! I also can get ver angry, very fast! It's a tough think to handle! Also- see me without make-up and in the morning- that's the uglist! OUCH! :-P


elise marlene said...

My friend Mandee has a HUGEEE heart as well! And don't worry, we've all got incredible tempers apparently from my blogging experience, haha :)

Sar said...

I love optimism! You're needed in the world with your full heart and loving personality!

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