Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Great Shoe Debate....

Phew- I am living sitting down and writing in my blog. We have been so busy at work- blogging was not even in my repertoire. BUT- thankfully, things are slowly calming down and I have started working on ME again!

That being said- I have started back at the gym! *pause for gasping and belief*
I have and I am LOVING it!! I love the feel I get when I can get in my own little world and just escape!

I'm bragging on myself because I have a problem tho!! My poor wittle feet! I am definately needing some new shoes! Right now I have Sketchers Shape-ups and I'm sorry Kim Kardashian- but these SUCK! Which I laugh because I wanted them so bad!

I need to go shopping- really- I do! This is not just an excuse to shop- I'm gettin blisters and all! The back of my ankles are hurting! Blisters on both.

I have big, wide feet and would love any suggestions! Adidas? New Balance? Nike? Definately staying away from Sketchers and with my big, wide feet- shoes from Walmart and Target are really a no go.

What's the best? If you work out alot? Let me know! This is a need!!

Thanks and I'll see ya at the gym!

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