Saturday, July 14, 2012

15 Day Challenge: Day 14

I heart this challenge and seeing all of the feedback. It makes me smile! So just know, your random act of kindness is to me, making me smile by reading my randomness!!

Life of Love

Today Sar asks:
[Day 14]: If you were only allowed to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what movie would it be and why? 

Oy Vey- One movie? For ever and ever? Have I mentioned my movie addiction? No, well I have one! It's bad! I collect them and love them! Oh, if I HAVE to answer this, and I do, b/c I joined this challenge in good faith that I would complete- and b/c it's super duper fun! I make it a tie! I'm sorry, I can't pick just one of these two- I love them both! They both connect me to my childhood and to different parts of me!

1) Steel Magnolias!

I love this movie! It's so good! Any girl raised in the south loves this movie!
It's so close to home b/c what Shelby went through, my grandmother went through with her kidneys. She was told not to have children b/c it would shorten her life. My fierce g-ma didn't listen and fulfilled her dream of being a mommy! It's just so sweet!
Pink is my signature color!!

2) Dirty Dancing!!
 Oh Patrick Swayze, the things you do to me... or did! Channing Tatum has filled that role!
But seriously- what girl doesn't love this movie! I watched this when it first came out- yes, I was about 4-5, but I didn't understand half of what was going on!! I didn't care- I loved the dancing and thought Johnny was soooo cute!! I may or may not have done the dance at the end by myself and tied up my dad's shirts like Baby!! I plead the fifth!!

 Dear future hubs- we'll be dancing this dance at our wedding!! Be ready!!
Nobody puts Baby in the corner!!

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