Saturday, July 28, 2012

Do More of What Makes YOU Happy!!

Let me start by saying this post is random and these thoughts were floating around in my head and I wanted to remember them now and not later! Apologies if it's random!!

It's July 28th, 2012!! We are past the halfway mark of 2012- can you believe that?
Now this may be recovery talking and the fact that I'm semi-homebound- but I decided some things.
I was watching New Years Day yesterday (for the first time mind you- thank you Redbox) and it made me think about my New Years Resolutions. (Also made me think I need to to a Resolution Recap to see where I am on my resolutions- but that's another day!)
Anywho- back to my thoughts- here's this woman waiting until the last day of the year to get all that she wants done- no thank you!!
I'm 28 years old, healthy, happy and LOVING life- I'm not going to hold myself back anymore!!
I'm a very eclectic person and love a wide variety of things- but I'm always afraid to do things alone! I wait for someone else to come with or someone else to go with me places--- NO MORE!!
Granted- it's so super fun to have any one of my amazing friends with me while I do things- but if I can't find someone who wants to go dancing- and I want to go- I'm going!!
I'm not being my own roadblock anymore!!
Walking around through the battery last week I realized just how amazing of a city I live in- and I don't experience it enough!!
If I wanna go walk the battery, waterfront park or the market- I'm going to go!
If I wanna go shooting- I'm going shooting!
If I wanna hit the beach (which that's never a hard one to find friends to go with)- but I'm beaching it!

Life it too short!!
I'm going to:
Do more of what makes ME happy!

"What would you do today if you knew you couldn't fail?!
Now go out and do it!!"

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