Monday, July 9, 2012

Phone Photo Fun (Birthday Weekend Recap)


Are you ready for a photo overload? This is just on the iPhone also!! I have tons more on my camera- but getting the computer fixed to upload those!! (It may be time for a new computer)

This week was 4th of July and my BIRTHDAY! (Hello 28) Put those together with a few days off and you have one fantastic stay-cation!!
Let's break it down by days, shall we?!

Tuesday, July 3- after work, stay-cation began!
I went to a Red, White and Blue Party at Mad River with a few friends- I was brave enough to wear the outfit!! It was fun- but not a fan of the DJ that night- too much techno for this gal!!
Wednesday, July 4th- Happy Birthday America!!
We started our day on the beach!! Where else should you spend the 4th? It was a fabulous day!!
I found my first sand dollar in the water- after being taught how...
Then we all go the hang of it!! And found quite a few!! Even a few conk shells too!!
I was very excited!!
After the beach we came home and changed for some yummy food and fireworks!
It was a blast!!

Camera phone+Fireworks= not good quality pics! But it was still fun!!

Thursday, July 5th- Family Fun Day
My family loves the water park!! So we loaded up and all went!
This little guy steals our hearts!!

Some Snuggles mid-day!! 

After we got all clean and went looking for Mimi's Wedding Dress! AHHH I can't believe my baby cousin is getting married! She looked BEAUTIFUL!!! I won't post that picture- but I did have some fun playing with veils!!

After Wedding Dress shopping, my mom planned for us all to go to dinner for my birthday- so sweet! They brought me a yummy dessert- which my family loved! :-D 

After dinner I headed downtown for a "VIP" party at Mad River that I won (along with several others) and I drank for free- AKA gave my drinks away and my "guests" drank for 2 dollars. Either way it was more dancing and fun for this girl!! 

Friday, July 6th- Beach and Karaoke
The ladies spent the day on the beach before coming home to a great present from my landlord...

I can't tell you how excited I am to have a fridge that works!! We have been battling our old one going out on us once a month for the past few months! YAY for new appliances!!

Karaoke's not dead! It's alive and kickin when you get my friends together! We had the BEST time! I can't wait to upload the pics from my camera!!

Saturday, July 7th- BIRTHDAY!!!
Another fun day added to the list!!
We started early and headed to the beach!
It was lovely!!

Then we got all dolled up and went to dinner at Mellow Mushroom with my Birthday Twin's family!

My Birthday Twin and Me:

Love us!!

Sunday, July 8th- Movies and Pedis and Movies- oh my!
For my bday- Emily got me Channing Tatum!! Allison, Elizabeth, Emily and I went to see "Magic Mike" hello gorgeous!! He was delish! After, E, Em and I got some pedi's- I need someone to massage my legs and feet weekly!!
After I grabbed a few weekly groceries- I headed to Amy's house for a pot-luck bday celebration with the ladies!! They were so sweet to host that for me!! I love watching "Pretty In Pink" for the first time- ever!!

It was the best week/weekend I have had in MONTHS!! I couldn't have asked for better!!

**Side note- Amazing how much can change in a year!!**




Christina Frazier said...

Love ya much girl! I'm glad you enjoyed your birthday staycay and I hope you loved your tissue paper enhancements lol :)

Ashlee Miller said...

If I could count how many times I've looked for sand dollars and never found a whole one and you find them! Lucky!

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