Friday, August 31, 2012

Fill In the Blank Friday

Another Link Up!
I'm totally serious!
And yes, I realize this is two posts in one day!
It's OK!

1.  Over this labor day weekend I will be     relaxing!! FO' SHO'! I have a 4 mile run with the Team on Saturday morning and lots of beach and pool time! Maybe I can get in a night out dancing!!   .

2.  With the political debates going on right now, my thoughts are  zzzzz or what's on my DVR b/c I'm not watching this!!    .

3.  Today    I am pooped! But it was so worth it for a great night out!  .
4. The best thing I've cooked recently was    cooking? what's that?? I'm a single girl; post gastric bypass patient- I don't cook! Seriously tho I was super proud of the cake I made for my moms 40th, even if I couldn't eat it!! Oh well, NOTHING tastes as good as skinny feels! .

5. The last thing I bought was  lunch? some stuff for my promo gig tonight. I did buy some new Gamecock gear Wednesday night! .

6. The best movie I saw this summer was  "The Dark Knight Rises" was pretty awesome and I saw that most recently. Not the greatest plot line, but I loved "Magic Mike" too!!  .

7.  The best book I read this summer was   Hands down- "50 Shades" Series!! I'm re-reading them!!   .

Friday Favorites

Well, We did it... It wasn't pretty- but we did it!
"It don't matter if you win by an inch or a mile... winning is winning"
But in saying that... Spurrier needs to work these boys out this week before the home opener Saturday!!
No Matter what I'll:
Linking up today for Friday Favorites!
Gamecock Diva status with my cousins.
We're the only Gamecock fans... and slowly her children are turning to the dark side...

My cousins are fab! I'm an only child, so I've always looked at them like sisters!
I thank God and our moms for making sure we stay close!

It's the weekend!
It's a 3 day weekend!
This makes me smile- that is all!

Love this pic from the 50 Shades party Wednesday with the fab Kelly G!

My babies are famous!
Go check them out for Furbaby Friday!!

I'm so happy it's football season!
I love love love this time of year!

Happy Friday Dears!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Game Day!!

*had to rock the gear and tat to work today*

Let us all take a moment to recognize the start of football season...
I don't care what team you cheer for, there's something about college football that just says fall!
I am loving today and cannot wait for kickoff!!
Linking up again for Random Thursday and with Sar for
*Seriously y'all- go check these ladies blogs*
They give me such entertainment!!
 Today's Topic:
Oh a girl can dream right?!
What would I do?
Well a million ain't what it use to be... but I could seriously do some damage!!
Remember the move Blank Check that was my dream!!

First and foremost- I'd give 10% to the church!
I've always said if I won big, I would!
Then I'd give some to the local animal shelter here... I just adore animals and they work that the Charleston Animal Society does!
Next... goodbye student loans and credit card debt!!
They would be paid off in a heartbeat!
Then I'd have some fun!
I'd pay off my moms debt and buy her her dream SUV and a small house with a yard and porch.
I'd set my dad up in a small house in the country with a big garage and let him "be on his own" as he says.
I'd pay off my car and get a "toy" convertible for weekends.
I'd buy my house I'm renting. (I know what your thinking, but these houses are so small, around 100K each- it's doable and also my dream here!)

Then I'd shop til I dropped!!
Clothes, shoes, more clothes... I would have a new outfit every day... kinda like now! LOL

I'd try to bank a lil, maybe 100K, but I'd still work and be bringing home an income.

On a personal note...
I want to wish my sweet lil cousin a happy 7th Birthday!
Hannah Grace I love you more and more every day!
You have such a wonderful personality, spirit and character.
You are going to do great things in your life!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

So What...I'm Loving- Summer's Over Edition

Happy Wednesday Y'all!!
I am so happy!
I cannot stop smiling for no particular reason!
I hope each of you are experiencing joy like this- even in the slumps
Be thankful for all your many blessings!!
Here's this weeks So What I'm Loving Post...
So What if everyone is tired of my Facebook countdown posts... I'm loving Gamecock football starts TOMORROW!!!
So What if I shop too much... I'm loving these shirts and may have to buy!!

So What if they are bed hogs... I'm loving my pups will be featured on "Furbaby Friday" this week...
Check them out!!

So What if I'm going to be utterly exhausted... I'm loving I got some promo work for the weekend.
Need the money honey!

So What if I've annoyed the crap outta the Crews Chevy guy... I'm loving that I should be getting my car back today!! I'm gonna kiss miss Sally!!

So What if it's going to be tough... I'm loving that we run our half marathon in 10 weeks!

So What if we are behind on fundraising... I'm loving that we are trying and all that have donated.
Can you help? #Shamelessplug #LeukemiaandLymphomaSociety

So What if it means I have to pack up some of the white and summer clothes... I'm loving the 3 day weekend coming up and unofficial start of fall!!

Happy Hump Day Again!!
Almost to the end of the week!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

10 on Tuesday {2}

Good Morning Lovelies!
Linking with Linny for

Y'all- I am all smiles today!
It's raining out but no one can take my sunshine away...
OK that was corn- but true!
I love my life!!

Started back Goddess classes last night.
I feel fab! If you are local- check them out- if not, find the equivalent where you are...
Great workout for not only your muscles- but your mind and spirit as well!

People make me laugh...
If your baby was born weighing in at over 9 pounds...
He's not early- you lied about when you got knocked up!
Better you than me sista. I got great things coming.

I love love love dancing!
I could go dancing every weekend!
This was us this past Saturday!

2 days baby!
2 days to Gamecock football!
I'm so excited!!

*newest Gamecock gear*

I heard something a Weight Watchers over 5 years ago and it stuck with me and came back to me recently.
I wanna share it, but want you all to remember it!
"I love me, and because I love me, I'm going to take better care of myself"
How true is that! Love yourself ladies!! (and gents- tho idk how many guys read my blog lol)

I get my car back today or tomorrow!

I make more cupcakes this week!
For my cousin's 7th bday!
Holy crap where did time go?!?!

I hope I can do some promos this weekend!
I need the money and I LOVE the job!! :-)

God is Good; All the time!
All the Time; God is Good!!
I'm so happy!!

I'm ready to run some more!
I knocked out 5 miles Saturday morning and LOVED it...
on tap is 3.5 today... bring it baby!!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Weekend Recap!

What a fabulous weekend!!
Nothing too terribly exciting happened- but that doesn't mean I didn't make it fab!

Friday started with my cousin texting asking if I wanted to join her after work at Forever 21...
Ummm yes please!! :-)
We did a little damage before I headed to Mt. P for a few more goods!!
Y'all- I have such a shopping problem!!
 Can't wait for this new store to open!!
Have y'all been here?? OMG! LOVE!!!

Saturday Morning started bright and early...
5 am to be exact...
I went and joined the Team in Training for a 5 mile run at 6 am..
Here's the before and afters! LOL
After I needed to hold the couch down for a while,
so Julio helped:
 He knows he's cute!!
After some relaxing it was time to get ready for the besties bday dinner!!
Rocked a new F21 dress.. :-)

After dinner- it was Hollywood Party time at Suede in Mt. P...
I felt FAB in this dress- so glad I bought!!

Plus I got to hang with my beautiful cousin!
#Love her!!

Sunday started with church with mom before we headed to a movie!!
We saw "Hope Springs"- very funny! Tommy Lee Jones is my old my crush LOL
Weekend Car Pic :-P

My Sunday night dates:

Yeah- they steal my heart!!

I'm super excited about this week y'all!
I got something fun every night and I love it that way!! :-)
Can't wait to share with y'all!

Hope everyone else had a fab weekend and even better week!

Answering Meg's Mingle Monday question...
My fav part of my weekend would have to be the Hollywood Party... I felt fab!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Letters


Happy Friday my dears!!
We made it! Wooo Hooo!!
I am so excited for the weekend!

Dear Friday:
I missed you darling!
Why do you stay gone so long and leave so quick?!

Dear Baby Ducks:
You are getting so big!

Dear Fellow Readers:
Y'all ever notice that when we were "required" to read these books we had no interest??
Now they all look so good to read!!
Funny the change when you aren't being forced to do something!! 

Dear God:
I see you and love you!
Thanks for smiling down on me and reminding me you are there!! 

Dear Hunger Games:
Welcome to the DVD family!
#May the odds be ever in your favor! 

Dear Self:
You have a shopping problem!
But you get it honest from yo' moma!!

Dear Ross:
Thanks for having such cute clothes at such great prices!!

Dear JCPenney:
Yeah- you made me proud on your deals too!

Dear Palmetto Moon:
This dress is to die for! Why couldn't you have my size?!
PS- yeah I needed a Medium!!
Pause for happy dance!

Dear Gamecock Football:
You are less than a week away!
Hence the need for above dress!!
I can NOT wait!!

Dear Lovelies:
Have a great weekend!!

Hello, Again!!

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