Friday, October 7, 2011

Kally and Julio

Oh I am so excited to link up to Kelly's Korner today! It's Show Us You Life: PETS!!

If you know me- you know I love my babies! There's about 1001 pictures of them on my facebook and ten thousand more on my phone. So here they are...
First is Kally:
This is the day I found her at the JASPCA- before it was Charleston Animal Society! I was bored one day and went to look! Well- friends, this doesn't end well for an animal lover. I texted my cousin and then roommate and begged asked if she could come home with us! Thankfully, she said yes! She hasn't always been with mommy and through some time at college had to stay at her Gramps house- but now she's home and loving life!

She knows she's a pretty girl....
She loves to smile!

And even indulges me and lets me dress her up!
She loves snuggling with mommy and sleeps in the bed with me. I don't think she knows she's a dog, and also thinks she's her brothers size....

Speaking of, here's my Julio!

If he doesn't make you smile... nothing will. Julio was added to our family after I broke up from my ex. He was originally my friends dog, but wasn't working so well with her dobermans or kiddos... so I took him home with me one night for a "trial" and her son and husband were happy with him being gone- so he became my boy! He has really got a great personality. I never, never, never thought I would have a chihuahua. My Papa had several when I was growing up, but they were always "those yappy dogs". Well I just fell in love with this sweet boy and his cuddles.
He lets me dress him up too! But I think he likes it more b/c he gets cold in the winter!

He loves to snuggle too! I may or may not treat him like a baby!

He loves being close to me! And I love that!
He really was a blessing in disguise. I do NOT believe in reincarnation- but I definately think he is my reminder of my Papa. My Papa would have LOVED him and ate him up, so I love that I have that reminder of him every day!

Best part of all is to see these two interact...

They just love one another and eat each other up!

And they are always the best sports for what ever mommy has planned...

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