Wednesday, August 8, 2012

So What... I'm Loving!!

Hey Lovelies and Happy Hump Day!!
Y'all- I can't stop smiling- Life is GOOD!
No, it's far from perfect- but I'm determined to make the most of this life!

Linking up with Jamie and Shannon again today and hope you enjoy some of my:
So What... I'm Loving!!

So What that I can't feel some of my muscles or open heavy doors... I'm loving the feeling that I woke my muscles up and gave them a shock! Two friends at the gym taught me how to use some weights the past two days and OHHEMGEE! It's a good hurt tho, but dang these boys don't play!!

So What if it seems forever away... I'm loving Gamecock Football season officially starts in just:
22 Days!! WOO HOO!

So What if it's going to be big... I'm loving the newest tat I'm going to get on my lower back to cover one I already have! What do you think??

So What if my bank account is hurting at the moment... I'm loving these cute outfits for game day!!
I MUST make it to more than 1 game this year!!

So What if it may not be your cup of tea... I'm LOVING that we're having a local 50 Shades of Grey Party!! This girl cannot wait!!

So What if I got bug bites and wet heels... I'm loving that I got to see MomaDuck and her babies early this am!! So precious!

So What if I'm too Bubbly, Loud or Optimistic... I'm loving life and want to share some great words with you! Hope they can make you smile too!!


Smile! It increases your face value!! :-)


Nicholl Vincent said...

Loving your loves! Especially those dresses!

Hope you’re having a great Wednesday! Drop by and say hello!

Lisa said...

Love all the quotes!

Happy Wednesday!

Jen | Our Happy Family said...

I love the dresses too! and those 50 shades pics are hilarious!! ;)

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