Monday, August 13, 2012

Phone Photo Monday + Blog Hop= Weekend Wrap Up!!

Hey dolls!!
Yes... it's Monday again... I tried to fight it, but it came back full force!
This weekend was another fabulous one!
Of course, no matter what you do, you can make it fabulous!

Linking with Savanah and Ashlee again and it's their one year anniversary!!
Head over for your chance to enter their giveaway! $50 to Erin Condren!

This weekend I started my new part time job!
<3love a="a" i="i" m="m" model="model" promo="promo">What is that exactly? Well ya know those girls that go around with drink samples- yeah I do that!
I'm getting paid to dress cute and talk to people- #WINNING!!

I had my first "gig" Friday night and just ate the whole thing up!!

Saturday morning we had our car wash for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society...
Too bad we didn't do as well as we'd like!!
We made $100 so that was $50 for each team...
Note for future... Car Wash doesn't yield a lot!!

 I'm telling ya that Orange hat scared ppl Amy!! Tee Hee!
Thanks for letting us put you to work!!

After the car wash it was time to relax and shower and head to Promo Two!!
Again! LOVE!! Y'all for real- it's so great!!

Sunday Morning was church- which I absolutely adored the sermon and you can read my thoughts here!
"helping" me get ready!
Then mom and I headed for lunch and shopping bonding!! :-D

Sunday afternoon car ride with my pups!!
They were in HEAVEN!!

You can't say they aren't cute!!
Meg's blog hop question this week is:
** What fall activities are you most excited for? **

There are 5 seasons:
Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall and Football Season!!

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Anonymous said...

Cute dress! Your puppies are so precious.

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