Thursday, August 30, 2012

Happy Game Day!!

*had to rock the gear and tat to work today*

Let us all take a moment to recognize the start of football season...
I don't care what team you cheer for, there's something about college football that just says fall!
I am loving today and cannot wait for kickoff!!
Linking up again for Random Thursday and with Sar for
*Seriously y'all- go check these ladies blogs*
They give me such entertainment!!
 Today's Topic:
Oh a girl can dream right?!
What would I do?
Well a million ain't what it use to be... but I could seriously do some damage!!
Remember the move Blank Check that was my dream!!

First and foremost- I'd give 10% to the church!
I've always said if I won big, I would!
Then I'd give some to the local animal shelter here... I just adore animals and they work that the Charleston Animal Society does!
Next... goodbye student loans and credit card debt!!
They would be paid off in a heartbeat!
Then I'd have some fun!
I'd pay off my moms debt and buy her her dream SUV and a small house with a yard and porch.
I'd set my dad up in a small house in the country with a big garage and let him "be on his own" as he says.
I'd pay off my car and get a "toy" convertible for weekends.
I'd buy my house I'm renting. (I know what your thinking, but these houses are so small, around 100K each- it's doable and also my dream here!)

Then I'd shop til I dropped!!
Clothes, shoes, more clothes... I would have a new outfit every day... kinda like now! LOL

I'd try to bank a lil, maybe 100K, but I'd still work and be bringing home an income.

On a personal note...
I want to wish my sweet lil cousin a happy 7th Birthday!
Hannah Grace I love you more and more every day!
You have such a wonderful personality, spirit and character.
You are going to do great things in your life!



Kasey said...

just found your blog through the Thursday Thoughts link up :) I love all of your ideas for what you'd do with a ton of money. I'd definitely give to charity and a church as well as shopped til I dropped :-P please come check out my blog some time as well :D

Katrin said...

Happy birthday to your cousin!
I love that you would give money to an animal shelter! That's awesome!

Sar said...

If I had a million dollars, I'd buy you a monkey. Haven't you always wanted a monkey? -BNL

M. said...

Wow - such wonderful ideas! I love that you'd be able to get homes for not one, not two, but THREE people! What a difference that would make. And I hear ya on the student debt - it's killer!

Here's hoping you win a lottery or something....

Thanks for linking up!

Rachel said...

Who wouldn't want to win a million dollars? Too bad it won't happen for most of us. Oh well...

Lin said...

Aw, I love the fact that you'd take care of all your family & make sure they had a place too. Not gonna lie, in all my $1M excitement I didnt even think about my family haha. Damn, I'm such a bad person.

Love your ideas! Thanks for linking up with us, again. We love having you in our super cool RT club :)

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