Thursday, August 9, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts!!

Happy Friday Eve Friends!!
Another week is almost done!
Are you as happy as I am?
Sar hosting this week's Thursday Thoughts!
Hmm What am I thinking?
I'm thinking how great life is! I am truly overjoyed!
How am I happy! Let me count the ways...
1) I love my Lord! He has just filled me with joy and none of the below are possible without him!
2) I adore this woman!
This was last week at her 40th and she was just in her element!
I loved seeing her have such a blast!!
3) I got my first "call back" or however you want to call it... to be a promotions model!
If all goes well I'll have my first "job" this weekend!
This is exactly what I've been wanting to do! God worked it all out!!
4) Gamecock Football is just 21 Days Away!!
I <3 football="football" love="love" season="season">

5) This blog makes me so happy! I love reading the comments put and emails sent!
I love meeting new people and making new friends and hope my thoughts can positively effect just 1 person!

This was too funny not to post!

This weeks Random Thursday!!

This subject is super fun b/c I LOVE to play with beauty products!
I like going and getting makeovers (for free) from my favorite store which is where I get most of my makeup needs:

Ahhh Heavenly!!

Best MakeUp!!

Love this stuff!!

 I use Clinique for most of my make-up:
Foundation, Powder, Blush, Eye Shadow, Mascara...
BUT Eye Liner?!

This is the Holy Grail! I love this stuff!!
It's goes on so smooth!!
I don't really have a set hair product b/c I like to switch up between each time I buy.
I've always heard that's best for your hair... and I buy into it!
When it comes to smells I do have my favs!
I don't leave the house without perfume on... and these are my top two:
To wash off the day I use some Dove!
It's so smooth on my skin and the scent lingers!

What are your beauty products?
Or what Thursday Thoughts do you have?!



Lin said...

Look at you over there becoming a model, go you! I really hope it all works out for you :)

My mom swears by everything that is Clinique, loves it to death. Ooh, I use Dove too. Have you tried their shampoo & conditioner? It leaves your hair feeling so amazing. Thanks for linking up with us!

Anonymous said...

I love Clinique!!! I just can't afford it lol! Thanks for linking up! Great choices!!

Sar said...

My favorite beauty product is, hands down, my ELF face primer. $6 and full of goodness, and life is amazing. ;)

Also, that first picture of you is slammin'! I love it.

Claire said...

Ahhh! I love Clinique and my bf loves it on me!

My mom won't use any other soap but Dove! She's been using it for fifty years! She turned 70 last Tuesday!

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