Thursday, August 2, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts!!

We are almost there!!
To Friday that is!!

I am pooped! I literally just finished working! When you work for somewhere that deals with "fiscal years" you know- this is the busy time of year!! And I'm feeling it for reals!

I had some Thursday Thoughts I wanted to share and link to Sar before I posted this weeks Random Thursday!

1) I read a fantastic blog today while in the waiting room at my doc. I had to bring it back up tonight.
...if you're busy trying to be someone else, who is being you?
"Don't you ever underestimate the beauty of your potential, the inspiration of your dreams, the power of your smile, and the courage of your heart."
WoW! Powerful words friends!!

taken from her blog!

2) I'm clear for take-off!! I got the A-OK from my doc today to get back to running!
He said he is so super proud of my progress and actually said "I can do whatever I want!"
Well- here we go!!
I have also officially lost 97 pounds as of today!! I am stoked and can't stop smiling!
Leaving the Doc!!
3) I love my life- even in the bumpy messy parts of it! I decided to "Let Go and Let God" on the whole wreck deal and just get back to being the optimist that I am. I can't be a negative person anymore. Life is too good! God has truly blessed me beyond my wildest dreams!!

4) I really love my blog!! It helps me sort out so many of the thoughts running through my head and remember all the many things that happen in my life! Thank you for reading!!

What are you thinking this Thursday??

This week's Random Thursday Post was super funny in that all this Chick-Fil-A Drama is going on...
Who is your Celebrity Girl Crush?!
I had to steal this from the lovely Leah, because it explains it so well
So No!!- this post is not me coming out of the closet... I like boys way too much... This is just some of my favorite females in the celebrity world!!

#1) Khloe Kardashian- I love this gal! I would love to hang with her and go shopping! I love how she's tall and still rocks her heels! She's got curves and still looks fab! Khloe if you read this- I wanna be your friend!!

#2) Alexis Bledel- I've loved her since Gilmore Girls- but when she made a cameo in Mad Men- made my day! PUHLEASE cast her for Ana in 50 Shades!!

#3) Mariska Hargitay- Are you a Law and Order: SVU fan? I love Olivia! She's gorgeous (much more so with longer hair) but either way. Not to mention she's so passionate about her organizations!

#4) Kristen Davis- Always my fav SATC gal!! Still gorgeous and always put together!

#5) Katie Holmes- yeah yeah, I know she's dealing with Tom Cruise divorce drama- but I've loved this gal since Dawson's Creek. I hope she can find Suri a good nanny and get back to the big screen!

#6) Tyra Banks- I am still a huge ANTM fan and thank Tyra for all my tips I've learned about having your picture taken. More so tho, I think Tyra would be a blast to hang with. She's so down to earth!!

Who are your Celeb Girl Crushes??


Sar said...

97 lbs?! Stacy, you're amazing! I would love to read more about your story!

Auntie H said...

Followed a link from Sar's blog to yours and was pleasantly surprised to see you're a fed. contract specialist. I dealt with FY end acquisitions for 34 years -- lots of long days, but what a great sense of relief once the year ends and, depending on your department, occasionally you even get thanks from the programs you support.

kailyn marie said...

97 POUNDS!?!?! holy crap lady, that is AWESOME!!! And I love your girl crushes :)

Thanks for linking up!

Katie said...

Congrats on your weight loss! I just hit my 70 pound mark and it feels amazing! I can't wait to keep going! :)

Lin said...

You look absolutely gorgeous, congratulation on losing that weight!

I totally have to agree with you on Mariska Hargitay...she's so talented & beautiful. Thanks for joining the link-up fun :)

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