Monday, August 6, 2012

Phone Photo Fun | Weekend Recap

Hey Lovelies and Happy Monday!
*This will be a better week! This will be a better week! This will be a better week!*
Yes I did chant that this morning at work and again just now!
You get back what you put into it tho- so I'm determined to make it great!

This weekend was rather chill, but still super fun!
~Side-Note: Mad props are deserved because this girl didn't shop AT ALL this weekend!! Pause for you to stop and catch yourself!! The $1000 pending deductible helped in that- but also I tried to have self control!! It was TOUGH!!~

Friday Night:
Started with me in the kitchen!
My mom volunteered asked me to make the cake for her 40th class reunion, so I begrudgingly gladly accepted the challenge! :-)
4 Layers! 16x16 in size and I am glad it's done!!

I started back at the gym!
Oh was is a good feeling! I am currently going to try and work with some friends on a weight routine, but as for me and the treadmill- it's like nothing was lost!!

After coming home someone wanted some loves!!

When I came home it was back to work on the cake!
Here's the final product... Not too bad if I do say so myself!

They were the Blue Devils- hence the pitchfork!

Once that as done and the house was clean-ish... I got to update some pictures in my house...
My favorite part of my home:

Then it was time to deliver the cake!
The hardest part of the cake process!!
I would be meeting some of my moms friends from the past 40+ years, so I wanted to be sure to look presentable! :-)

After spending some time with my mom, I let her party and headed to a movie.
Have you seen The Watch? Not what I expected... but kinda funny none the less..
Also got some pretty flowers! :-) 

It was time for church!
I realized I better start rocking some of the white dresses before labor day.
Which leads me to the question... if it's still hot, can the white be worn a few weeks after?? HMMM
Stacy and Clinton- lets get your opinion! ;-)

After church was lunch at Mom's Fav- Longhorn, then back to the house for a rainy, chill afternoon!!
Someone was not a fan of the storm and made her 45 pound way into my lap!!


Then we settled down and finally got some Sunday rest!

All in All it was a great weekend! Sad I didn't get any sun or beach time, but what can ya do!
Here's to a GREAT week and keeping the smile on my face!
I love my life!

*Oh the car situation is still a mess, but as mom pointed out- it's going to be a mess whether we stress it or not- so might as well chill!*

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Anonymous said...

Your so talented! I wish I could bake a cake like that!

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