Tuesday, August 21, 2012

10 on Tuesday {1}

Decided to link up with Linny today for 10 on Tuesday... A little something different!

{1} Charleston+rain+heat= muggy temps and frizzball Stace

{2} God is good! I'm thankful to those who prayed for me after my little meltdown post yesterday. They were felt!

{3} She started second grade... how is that possible! I love this lil bit!!

{4} Tomorrow is my BFFs bday and I can't wait for the post on it! Check back- it'll be a hoot!

{5} I get to do another photo shoot soon! I'm excited! We're thinking boots, cowboy hat and train tracks.
I may also have to incorporate some Gamecock gear!

{6} You shouldn't get in wrecks... insurance companies are a pain in the hiney! State Farm is irking my nerves... who do you use?

{7} Said it before and I'll say it again- moms are the greatest... mine takes the cake!
{8} Cake... I gotta make cupcakes tonight! Can't forget!!

{9} Be still my heart, Football season starts in 9 days! Into the single digits!!

{10} Rain, Rain go away.... I have a trip to the beach planned Saturday!! :-)


Nadine Hightower said...

Wooooo Hooooo Football Season!!! And be a doll and pack up your rain and send it to Oklahoma.

Katrin said...

Moms are the best!
And I can't wait for Football to start. I am a German so I love soccer but Football isn't bad either. :) My (American) husband had to teach me the rules first though. :)

Lin said...

1. Ugh, there's nothing worse than frizzy puffball hair. Hate it.
3. They grow up so fast :/
4. Can't wait to read it.
5. Omg, thhose are going to be some fabulous photos.
6. Tell me about it. My car was a total loss last year & it took them Mercury 4 months to pay everything off. In the meantime I was still stuck making payments on a car I no longer had. Complete bull. Hope it works out quickly for you.
7. Love it.
8. Fun. I love baking.
10. Rain, what's that? haha I'd love to get some cold rainy weather down here. I'm tired of this 112 degree weather.

Thanks for linking up, sweets!

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