Thursday, August 16, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts!

Happy Friday Eve!!
It's that time again!
Random Thursday+Thursday Thoughts!

~Orbit White BubbleMint!
I have a big bag at work, pack in my purse and a bag in my car!
I love this junk!!

~Gamecock Football Baby!
14 Days- I can NOT wait!!!

~Diet Sweet Decaf Tea
Yummm! I got this in my fridge at home and work!
Decaf Tea sweetened with Splenda!

~My iPhone- but that's nothing new! LOL 
~Raising money for my Team! We have a WAYS to go!!
We did a Car Wash Saturday, Online 31 Party closed yesterday, I'm volunteering tonight as a guest bartender at Mad River and we've got a Flapjack Fundraiser we are selling tickets for!
Pray we can make goal!!!

Link with the ladies for Random Thursday...
And Sar for your Thursday Thoughts!


Katrin said...

My next iPhone will be a white one too!

Sar said...

Being a guest bartender sounds like a blast! I would rock at jobs where customer service is #1 (I was a barista, but I'm thinking bartending, waitressing, etc.). It'd be so much fun...

Lin said...

Haha, that's one awesome football photo! After graduating HS I swore I was going to become a bartender, thought it was the coolest job evah...yeah, that never happened :( Hope you raise TONS of money!

Thanks for linking up with us, sweets.

M. said...

I have never tried Orbit. Clearly I'm missing out. Also way to go on the fundraising - you rock!

Thanks for linking up with us for Random Thursday!

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