Wednesday, August 1, 2012

So What I'm Loving Wednesday!!

It has been a week- and it's only half over!!
I couldn't think of anything better after this crazy week but to make sure I post a little: 
"So What+What I'm Loving" on this Wednesday!

So What if this is how my Monday ended.... I'm loving no one was hurt and I learned something from it!! (Yes mom I did!)

So What if I didn't pick the right deductible amount... I'm loving that I learned a lot more about what coverage is needed in life!!
So What if I didn't get rental car coverage... I'm loving I may have car to drive while my care gets replaced from my wonderful caring cousins! They have such amazing hearts!
So What if I'm over talking about this wreck... I'm loving everyone for offering opinions and prayers for me!
So What if the Devil thought he could take my joy... I'm loving I can let it all go and Let God!! 
He's got this!!
So What if Chick-Fil-A forgot my chicken and the line was 25 minutes... I'm loving my diet lemonade and the support people are showing a Christian organization.

So What if it's going to be a LOT of work... I'm loving I can make the huge cake for my moms 40th reunion this week! I may get buried in icing and cake my by Saturday!!
So What if it's been a hard day... I'm loving these two that always make it all OK!!

So What if I post too many pictures... I'm LOVING these from my photo shoot with Amanda!!

Link with Shannon or Jamie
or like me... BOTH! :-)


Natalie and Lee said...

Beautiful pictures and sorry about your accident! We sometimes have to learn the had way:) Especially this girl! Going to catch up some more on your blog!

Kari said...

haha you can NEVER post too many pictures! (Spoken from someone who probably also posts more than the average person...)

Found you on the link up! Love your weekly loves :D

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