Monday, August 6, 2012

Not to Shabby Sponsor and Blog Hop!

Dresses from Shabby Apple
Shut the front door... I've got my first sponsor!!
Shabby Apple contacted me and when I saw how CUTE their stuff was- I couldn't resist!
Seriously... this is going to take my shopping problem to a whole new level!
Go check them out!!
Dresses from Shabby Apple

Maternity Dresses from Shabby AppleLittle Girls Dresses from Shabby Apple
Not needed anytime soon, but also so adorbs maternity and baby goods!
Oh future hubs of mine.. you need to be loaded to support my shopping habit! :-P
Also linking up with Meg for the weekly blog hop!
Hop on over to her to join!!

Her question this week:
** What is your must have item when packing? **

Oh I am an overpacker for sure! Are you one as well? Don't worry, we're all in it together!
I will overpack outfits, shoes, purses... b/c you just never know what kind of weather/day/mood will be!
Gotta be prepared for all! One thing I always have to bring- even tho I know most hotels have them now- is my hairdryer. I obviously bring the necessities of curling iron, straightener, makeup, etc... but I can't leave and not bring the hairdryer I know works for my hair. I just can't!
How about you? What's your MUST HAVE item??

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Mei said...

Gratz on your first sponsor, that's really exciting!!

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