Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

Good Monday Dear Friends!!
How was your weekend?!
Mine was great! Nothing too adventurous, but still a GREAT weekend!!

Friday Night started with a bang and me on my butt!
A nice Friday afternoon nap!!
Then I headed out to the mall for a few exchanges and just to chillax!

*Someone wanted mommy snuggles*

Saturday Started bright and early again!!
*I love my 6am runs! I love my 6am runs*
(If I keep repeating, I'll start believing!)
I really do love it once I'm doing it! It's just the waking up part!

Then it was home to chill and veg out with some college football before my Gamecocks played at 7!

These two definitely know how to relax!!

Decked out in my gear ready to head to Wild Wings!
Another "W" to add to it! 3-0 boys!
Wild Wings was a great time and great company! :-)

Sunday Started with someone sneaking in my bed!!

*Ignore the no makeup, just woke up look*
Note- he is NOT allowed in the bed! So he was milking the attention!!

Then it was off to church!
Love my new dress from Meg!
Then it was mommy/daughter day with lunch and some mall time!!
Love Sundays with her!!
Then home to my furbabies!
They are really too much!!

I'm excited for this week ahead!
I know great things are coming!
I can't stop smiling! (That's not new tho!!)

How was your weekend?
Link up and share!! 

Don't forget to Blog Hop with Meg
** What's your favorite college team and/or college tradition? **
Well if you don't know the answer to this, you haven't been reading long!
I'm a die hard Gamecock girl!!
I love college football and this time of year!!



SEL said...

Love the oufits! Super cute!

Your dog is adorable, too. :)

New follower! Coming over from the linkup.


Sarah Grace said...

all of your outfits are super cute! i really love your exercise tank! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your top!! Where did you get it?

Mei said...

Puppy snuggles are the best!

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