Thursday, September 6, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts!!

It's time for Random Thursday again...

This weeks topic: 
Y'all know I love me some movies... so this was hard!
But I narrowed it down to a few select few...

Steel Magnolias
I can quote every line from this movie... "Pink is my signature color"
I have always loved this one and can't help but adore it!!
Sidebar- Lifetime is coming out with a remake... What?? IDK how I feel about this!
Dirty Dancing
Another one I can quote and watch over and over!!
"I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life...
the way I feel when I'm with you!"
"Nobody puts baby in the corner!!"
Maybe this is where I get the wanting to be picked up thing... :-P
They better not remake this one... Patrick Swayze is the ONLY Johnny Castle!!
Center Stage
This movie is so cheesy, but I love it!
I love a good dance movie!!
She's the Man
Have you seen this movie?
"Am I right? Am I right?"
"Ya know bro!"
This is where my Channing Tatum love began... ahhh Channing...
In Her Shoes
Love this movie! It's so sweet!
And perfect for a shopoholic like myself!!
Last but not least... and no, I couldn't pick just one of the series:

Yes- I am a Twi-Hard!!
<3 love="love">
And for a few Thoughts:
~I love my life!! God is so good and I can't stop smiling!
~Football season makes me happy!!
~I'm not stressed about making goal for our marathon.
Let Go and Let God and know He will provide!
Thanks Amy!!
~My mom's the best! Have I said that lately? Cuz she is!!
~It's almost Friday!!!
~I'm loving that there are new fall shows coming up and starting back!
"Switched at Birth", "Grey's Anatomy", "Sons of Anarchy" (I have random tastes)
Yay for the Fall line-up!!
Much Love to you!


Amy said...

Ah yes, twilight. :) AND she's the man, and center stage! I didn't know you liked that movie, girl i lOVE it haha.
Yes God will most definitely provide <3
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i need a pedicure.

Claire said...

I've always wanted to watch Steel Magnolias. Never got the chance to do it though.

Lin said...

Steel Magnolias & Dirty Dancing are two of the best movies. Can't believe Lifetime's making a remake. Normally I tend to stay away from remakes cause they normally suck but Lifetime's not always too bad with their movies so who knows, maybe we'll get lucky.

Thanks for linking up with us again!

Sar said...

She's the Man is one of my favorites! "What's your favorite cheese? Mine's gouda!"

M. said...

Some real classics in there - and I totally forgot about In Her Shoes and She's the Man. Talk about blast from the past!

I can't wait for the fall TV lineup to start, particularly SOA. I've missed Jax. ;)

Katrin said...

I will never get enough of Dirty Dancing!

Leesh said...

I forgot about She's the Man. I love that movie. It's all sort of cheesy but so funny. Amanda Bynes is hilarious in it.

I'm a huge fan of Center Stage, especially the final dance number. Did you ever watch the second one? It was soooo bad.

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