Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Link Ups!!

TGIF Friends!!

Hope you've had a week as wonderful as mine!!
God has been shining down on me this week and I can't help but sing His praises!!
Today we got ANOTHER $500 donation to our goal!!
How awesome is that?!

Things are just going wonderful!!
I can't wipe this smile off my face!!

Time for the Friday Link-Ups:
First Up:
with Lauren!
1.  Right now the weather where I live is     fabulous! I get a little whiny when Fall starts b/c I hate packing up my heels and sundresses. But this fabulous breeze and sunshine has made me smile   .

2.  The best piece of advice I've been given is  "You know where you stand" People will let you know your importance in their life and you should always remember that     .

3.  My most favorite person in all the world is    my mommy! I love her so! This is so not new! She's my biggest fan and supporter! My scapegoat when things go wrong, there whenever I need her!! .

4. If I were to have a "mission statement" for my life, it would be    "Let Go and Let God" I can't tell you how much this has applied to my life this week. God's hand is really in ALL things this week! It's a wonderful feeling .

5. My most favorite item in my closet is  I have pick just one?? Well right now I guess my blue dress. I like the way it makes my eyes pop! Or any of my gamecock stuff! OR OOO my new SIZE 10 pants I just bought! I have not been a size 10, since I was 10!!  .

6. The best cure for a bad day is   puppy snuggles! I love my tanning time or walking, but seriously- a puppy giving you a lick b/c they know your day has been rough- doesn't get much better!!  .

7.  Today is   a GREAT day! Seriously- can't stop smiling!!   .
This week’s statements:
1. I like to __ when I am ___
2. ___ is my favorite vegetable
3. I get ________ when I ___________.
4. I’m surprised by _________ and ____________.

This week’s statements:
1. I like to _pray_ when I am _scared__
2. _Green Beans__ are my favorite vegetable
3. I get _happy and full of joy__ when I _think about the future and all God has for me_.
4. I’m surprised by __how generous people are___ and _that makes my heart full____.
Finally some Friday Letters!!
Dear Mom:
You are my BFF! Thanks for always being there!
Dear Fundraising:
God is providing!! Goal will be met!
Dear 5 Miles at 6am tomorrow:
Be gentle on me!
Dear Gamecocks:
You've got an easy team tomorrow, but doesn't make me cheer any less!

Dear Secret I can't share yet:
AHHH Hurry and go thru so I can tell!!
Dear Weekend:
Please take your sweet time!
I want to enjoy you!!
Dear Life:
You rock!!


Amy said...

I'm pretty sure we have 6 MILES tomorrow...yikes.

Vicki said...

Love your answer to #1!! Prayer is very important!!
Here's Mine

Hilary said...

love your number 4

Nicholl Vincent said...

so great that your weather is perfect! l love this time of the year!

Following you now! Happy Friday!! Stop by and say hello! :)

Simone Iantorno said...

Hey there movie swap partner!

You have a adorable little blog and I al so glad those no much charity work you have done! How awesome that god has provided funds for your fundraising! Just went shopping for you gift! New follower!


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