Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts

This week!
I swear y'all!
I woke up and was headed to work when... my car wouldn't crank!
So if you're keeping track- ants, aunt flo, flat tire, oil change, broken vase (yeah, that happened last night), and now a new battery!!
I'm leading more and more to taking tomorrow off!!
This week for Random Thursday:
Something near and dear to my heart...
I'm VERY excited about some of the upcoming shows!
My DVR is in high gear!!
I think I pretty much have something every night!!
Switched at Birth
 I love this cheesy show on ABC family!!

Sons of Anarchy 
 (Yeah- you're welcome)
cracks me up I go from an ABC Family show one night to "TV-MA LSV" the next!

Law and Order: SVU

I LOVE this show!! I have seen every episode!
And I miss Stabler!!

Grey's Anatomy

 I will be so sad to see this show go!!
(yeah- you're welcome again)

These next two won't be back til probably 2013...
but I am anxiously awaiting as well!!


Mad Men

What are some of your favorite shows?
I am not a Idol or X Factor or Reality Show fan...
Am I missing any good ones??
A few thoughts...

~I am READY for Friday!!
This has been a LONG week- as stated above!!
~I am enjoying this cooler weather!
Before the battery fiasco, I snapped a few pics in my Fall outfit!
YAY for boots! I'm getting over my missing summer blues!!
Kally approves!
~I worked like Cinderella last night and will tonight and tomorrow on my house!
It needs and CLEAN scrub!
The good side- my kitchen (doing one room at a time) looks AWESOME!!
~I'm thinking about going to see Chippendales with a friend tomorrow!
I think it'll be a blast!
I've seen them once before and LOVED it!!
~Gamecocks play this weekend!
I love college football!!



Katrin said...

I can't wait for more Grey's Anatomy!
And I really need to start to watch Sons of anarchy! I guess I am the only one who hasn't watched it yet!

Victoria said...

those are fun shows :) i am so pumped for my faves to return too!!

cute dress!

Sar said...

You are ADORABLE! So darn cute.

I'm mostly looking forward to season 2 of Revenge. Best show ever!

Happy Thursday!

Lin said...

Ha, we practically have all the same shows listed! What can I say, we have fantastic taste :)

I'm loving this new season of Sons of Anarchy, it's been SO good. Not that they've ever actually let their viewer down. Dude, you look smokin' in that dress. Love it.

Leesh said...

I love Sons, the first two episodes have been so heartbreaking and emotional.

M. said...

So loving Sons so far! And definitely looking forward to Grey's. Forgot SVU - knew I missed a couple! I've heard Lin talking about Switched at Birth - I'm gonna have to check that out!

Thanks for linking up! Some great shows here!

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