Tuesday, September 4, 2012

10 on Tuesday {3}

Hey Hey Hey!!
Happy Tuesday Y'all!
I love a short week!!
Linking with Linny for 10 on Tuesday again this week!

9 weeks left...
9 weeks until we run our half marathon!!
It's on like donkey kong!!

Only half way there! HELP!
We have two fundraisers coming up, but open to any suggestions!!

I have given myself my next goal.
I went for one that is reachable and one I can hold myself to!
8 pounds by my "surgiversary"- October 24.

My long term goal is to get to lose 28 more pounds.
Then I will be at a weight I'm happy with!

I wanna be picked up!
Like thrown over a guys shoulders, or jump on their back.
I can't get the mentality that I'm at a weight I can do this.
I was talking to my friend, Amy, about this this weekend and it's something I am really working on. I want to be able to be comfortable to be picked up, but I'm soooo scared!
How do I change this mentality??

I'm not ready for fall y'all!
I mean, I am, fall will be great... but I am sad to say goodbye to some of my summer wardrobe!
I know... I know... more reason to shop- but I've always had trouble dressing in fall.
What are some cute styles this season??
Do I have to pack up my heels??

My dogs are so cute...
But seriously...
Do they KNOW I have to get out of bed in the morning and that's why they snuggle up to me and make me all warm?? It's a conspiracy!!

I adore this pic!
He's such a ham and I love it!!
Do you tan?
I'm debating on changing my tanning salon to the one attached to my gym for only $10 a month vs. $50....
But they only have 2 bronzing beds that last 12 minutes, vs. regular (not so good in my opinion) beds for 20 minutes... thoughts?
NFL officially starts soon...
Who's your team.
Mine's the Steelers- but is it OK to still like them??
Here's the background. My ex was a huge Steelers fan and turned me onto them and they won a Superbowl while I was a fan. I loved Hines Ward (even tho he went and retired on me) and think Coach Tomlin is great.
Is this OK?? Goofy I know! :-)
Share your thoughts!
Comment and stay awhile!
Link up!



Cait said...

so excited for NFL and learning more about ya! your blog is super cute!

Lin said...

1. Go you!
3. That's a fabulous goal. I'm sure you'll reach it.
5. Just think positively & realize that you're not a heavy set person anymore. It'll take time & a really great man to just toss you over his big shoulders no matter what you say :) (that's what did the trick for me_
6. Gotta say, I'm the total opposite. Bring on Fall!

Thanks for linking up, sweets!

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