Wednesday, September 19, 2012

So What... I'm Loving!

So What Wednesday
Oh It's Wednesday...
Happy Hump Day!
I'm in a funk today!
I usually am a happy gal and always smiling!
Today I'm having a case of BLAHS!!
So I may not be loving too much today!!
So What if my kitchen is infested with ants... I'm loving that I get to go home and clean behind the fridge, stove and every corner and crevice! (Sarcasm much)

So What if it was hard work... I'm loving my total up in the corner!
Check it out- I made my goal!!

So What if it's to deep clean and "fall clean" my entire house... I'm loving that my mom volunteered to come help me all day Saturday to put a dent in my house!

So What if the Flo Rider concert is on her way... I'm loving... oh who am I kidding- I'm loving nothing about that!

So What if I'm grumpy today... I'm loving those that are trying to cheer me up!

So What if it's been a long week... I'm loving only two more days!!

So What if I had to drop a pretty penny on an oil change, tire rotation, tire repair and gas last night... I'm loving my sweet mommy was able to spend time with me while waiting!

Ugh- Y'all! It's one of those days! I think why it's hitting me so hard is that I don't have them very often! I am a very upbeat person and hate when I'm down... so I'm not enjoying this "yeck" feeling.
The incredible craving for chocolate and pain in my back leads me to know why I'm feeling this way, but that doesn't mean I have to like it! LOL

This post was dull and boring and whiney and I'm sorry! LOL


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Nikki said...

Ugh I've been having those days too often lately due to inlaw stress. Feel better!!

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