Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 on Tuesday {6}

Happy Tuesday Dears!!
How is everyones week starting off??
Mine? I can't stop smiling!

Time to Link with Linny Again for 10 on Tuesday!

Let's talk heels!
As I'm pulling out some of my boots that are yes, stilettos- I'm remembering that the high heel part is almost or totally gone. Should I throw them out and get new shoes or find somewhere to repair them?!
Don't get my wrong, I love the idea of buying new shoes, but my wallet doesn't always!!

I seriously need to get my nails done ASAP!!
I didn't want to while I did the house clean sweep- but now- OUCH!!

I am LOVING this cooler temp!
I know, I know! I whined about it a few weeks ago- but once the wardrobe got on board, I was all for it!

With the cooler temps comes the promise of fun, fall activities!!
Fright Nights, Halloween Extravaganzas, Fair!!

This makes me laugh!!
I LOVE this movie!!
Am I right? Am I right?!
Be a man, rub some dirt in it!!

Tell me these aren't some FABULOUS ladies!!
This is from my 21st birthday!!
We are all still friends and planning a night out this weekend!
Love these women!!
(Yes I was extra fluffy)

I started using this cute pink for summer, but am thinking of going back to my darker bronze type for fall/winter... Do you change your makeup colors for the season?

I need a new book to read!
I'm rereading the 50 Shades books and I'm on #3.
I may reread Breaking Dawn for the third time for the movie release.
I need something new! I like romance, funny, witty books.
I heard about 1 I'm looking into called "White Girl Problems"
Any other suggestions?

My Facebook is overloaded with people getting sick!
Stay away!!
I do not want and can not afford to be sick!!
(But I do hope you get better) :-D

Less than 6 weeks!!
I'll be in Savannah for my half marathon in less than 6 weeks!!
WHAT?! I need to get on the ball!
Training starts back hardcore today!!

What are your 10 on this fab Tuesday??
I'm gonna work some more on my 30 before 30 list!!
I hope to have that posted this week!!


Tif said...

GREAT post!!
Happy New Follower! Found you thru the GFC blog hop! You can find me here:

Ramblings of a Southern Belle

Amy said...

Seriously i have a TON of books you can borrow (ahem i still need matched back haha)...tons of funny, romantic, witty, etc. ;)

sunshine said...

Lately I only read books on my kindle, the other day I read a really good one called "You before Me" by Jojo Moyes, it's an amazing story with a very different point of view about love and life choices, highly recommend it!

I am also linkin' to 10 on Tuesday on my blog today :)

Amber Watson said...

You're so upbeat and positive!

Have fun at your marathon!

Melissa Nelson said...

Have you read any Sophie Kinsella? She writes super adorable funny/witty/romantic books! I definitely reccomend her!

Lin said...

1. If you really like them I say you get them fixed. Boots can get pretty expensive.
2. Definitely go treat yourself. I was planning on doing so myself but cut off all my nails over the weekend.
3 & 4. You're definitely not alone.
6. Fun times with friends, always a must.
7. I always go darker in the winter too.
9. Eek, Im running from anyone thats coughing or sneezing a lot.
10. Fun!

Thanks for linking up!

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