Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Monday... and I Feel Fine!

OK- truth be told... I feel WAY better than "fine"
Ecstatic, overjoyed, through the roof excited!
But... I can't say why just yet!
Let's just say things are moving fabulous in the life of my job and God gets all the glory for!!
I have been praying for this for a year now.
He said to wait, and here it is!!

Now, let me share with you my awesome weekend!!
Friday Night:
It was me and the debit card... I did a little damage! :-)
But wait... I know what you're thinking, let me explain!
I have ZERO work pants that fit... so I went exploring for a few for winter, now that it's getting colder!
I was able to find some- in some nice small sizes- for only $10 a piece!
Thank you Ross!!
I also picked up a few more workout clothes on clearance! Now's the time to buy the tanks I like to wear!!
When I came home I had some snuggle time:

Sweet Boys!!

It started bright and early, but not with a run this time!
With a fundraiser!!
We had our Flapjack Fundraiser at Applebees to raise money!

Being Silly before I left the house!!

 My teammate and I

Maria, me, Amy

 Crazy Christina!

 Love this chick!

After the fundraiser it was a little down time before my boys played!
GO COCKS!! Another W!!
In the spirit of winning I went on the continued hunt for a jersey!
Walmart Boys section!!
Yes- I coulda gone to Palmetto Moon and got the Women's fitted- but this was a LOT cheaper!!
Once I was done shopping I had to go home and change for dinner and a going away party.
I love new clothes- esp when they are only $7!! :-)

Church with mom was fun as always, but after was when I really started to cook... literally!!
With 9/11 being tomorrow, we decided to do a little something for our local first responders.
So I went to Bi-Lo, loaded up in groceries and got to work on some goodies!!
Here's a sneak peak!!

I'm REALLY excited about another treat I'm working on!

Mom and I took a midday break to head to small group at a church members house.
Yummy food+great people+good conversation=wonderful time!
I really love my church family! They have watched me grow up and I trust them all so much!
They really all love me unconditionally!!

After, it was back to the kitchen, but I'm not sharing any more goods until tomorrow!!
I will show what my love bugs were doing while mommy cooked:

I did NOT arrange those pillows like that!!
Me thinks some pups think they are rulers of the roost!!

But look at that face... <3 love="love">

How was your weekend??
What did you do?
Can't wait to hear and share some of the excitement in my life soon!!!

I totally forgot to add Meg's Mingle Monday in!!
Silly me!!
** What yummy fall desserts are you excited to bake? **
I've already started baking some yummy cookies and I am excited about another surprise dessert I am trying tonight, but I can't share yet! :-)


Domesticable said...

Cute pup! Thanks for sharing!


Amy said...

Great idea with the treats for first responders!!

JulieBug said...

Looks like a great weekend! Can't wait to hear your big news. I think your pups are adorable. :)

sunshine said...

Are all those doggies your? They are all precious!

Looks like you had a nice weekend, just found your blog via Mingle Monday, new follower!

Have a great week!

Sarah Evans said...

Your dogs are so cute! Especially Julio - like some kind of cool vampire dog or something in his sidebar pic :)


Andi said...

yay for finding cute clothes on sale!

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