Tuesday, September 25, 2012

30 Before 30

I edited, thought about and tweeked this list so many times!
But here it is! My:
The race is on starting October 1!!
I will keep you posted and am open to your help to get these done!!

1.       Go to a Clemson/Carolina game
2.       Go on a Cruise
3.       Meet a Blog Friend
4.       Go Hunting
5.       Visit DC and the Holocaust Museum
6.       Foster a Soldier
7.       Do a sexy photo shoot
8.       Pay for a person’s food behind me at a fast food restaurant
9.       Take a Carriage Ride downtown
10.   Stand Up Paddleboard
11.   Take a Ceramics class
12.   Spend the whole day “boating”
13.   See a musical/play at the Coliseum
14.   Complete a marathon
15.   Treat myself to a spa day
16.   Ride in a limo
17.   Learn to drive a stick shift
18.   Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen
19.   Get my Gamecock Tattoo
20.   Ride a jet ski
21.   Drive a convertible
22.   Learn to Shag
23.   Take a Self Defense Class
24.   Visit the Biltmore House
25.   Pay off a credit card
26.   Bungee Jump
27.   Ride in a helicopter
28.   Send a letter, card or gift to one person each month
29.   Become a volunteer at the Charleston Animal Society
30.   Throw a huge blow out for my 30th
1.       Go to Disney world2.       Buy a gun3.       Meet a celebrity4.       Scuba Dive5.       Fall in Love

1 comment:

sunshine said...

That's a great list, I dunno how many years you have left until 30 but you will have a great time, and then when you reach 30 you'll realize is probably some of the best years of your life!

If or when you take your cruise make sure to have Grand Cayman on the itinerary so you can come meet me! (that would be 2 off the list). Here you can also; Paddleboard, ride a helicopter, jet sky and Scuba Dive which is one of my favorite sports!

BTW, #22 made me laugh!

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