Thursday, September 27, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts Time!!

How many times to I say it and how often do I write:
No, I promise, there's nothing super spectacular going on and I haven't won the lottery or fallen in love (yet)
BUT- I am so happy!
I love that I look around my life, my job, my home, my friends and family and can't help but smile!
I am blessed beyond measure and so undeserving!!
God is Good GREAT!

So, in ranting about my happy little life...
I'll switch up my order today!
~ I have visited this spot the past two days and I'm headed there today!!
I love walking this thing and tho it takes some gas to get over there- the feeling I get at the top of the bridge is just fabulous!! I'm going to start going a minimum of once a week!
~Speaking of the above!
I loved going with my cousin Tuesday to play catch up with her!!
We are five months apart and I just adore her!

~And just keeping up with this bridge theme!
I'm going today after work with my newest cousin!
My cousin Brandon got married June 30th to his love, Lindsey!
I am excited to spend time with her and get to know her even better!!
(Even if she's a Clemson fan)

~I have a date Friday night!
We will be visiting "The Rat" and spending some QT together!
I am so excited!!

They are back!
I have one this Saturday! YAY!!
This money is going straight to iPhone 5!!

~Saturday is going to be ridic!!
10 mile run at 6 am, promo, Carolina game, Dancing, and somewhere in there I need to clean and do laundry!! Holy Moly!!

~Speaking of Carolina Games...
I decided last night I am going to the USC/GA game next week! I have so many friends that tailgate up there- why not? Why do I need to wait on someone to do what I want to do!
I love football and my Gamecocks and I'm going to enjoy myself!!
I already have 4 different Tailgates to hit!

~Speaking of those awesome friends-
My 30 before 30 list?!
SO many people have offered to help me achieve these goals!
They ROCK!!
Now to get Random-
Like I'm not already!!
Up this week: 
Oh what fun!!
No judgement here!
I was young and CRAY-CRAY!!

Doogie Howser, M.D. (yes I did add the MD)
OHHH I looooved this guy! I would cry when my dad would pick on me and say he was gay!!
Yeah, touche' dad, you won this battle!!

Zack Morris
Yeah- you know you loved him too!!

David Silver 
Yeah- lots of people like Brandon or Dylan- but I was a Silver fan!!

Nick Carter 
He was my BSB crush!!

Pacey Witter 
This is not new at all! I was Team Pacey all the way!!

Who were your crushes??
Also b/c I love making new blog friends:

Welcome to my blog! I'm a single gal from Charleston, SC- born and raised!
I had gastric bypass a year ago, so my life now consists of learning to eat better and live for me!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE life and try to always be positive!
Stick around and stay a while!!


sunshine said...

I also loved Zach Morris from Saved by the bell, but my first ever girl crush was Ralph Macchio from Karate Kid, loooved him!!!!

Sar said...

I was a Pacey fan too! And Zack Morris?! Ahhh...Zack Attack indeed.

<3 Yay for promos, babysitting dates, and the glory of God!

Katrin said...

I was a Dylan McKay fan! :)

M. said...

Who DOESN'T love NPH???? I mean, really.

Thanks for linking up! :)

Lin said...

*gasp* How in the world could I have forgotten about David Silver? Dude was (is) still a total hottie.

Ruthy said...

I love Neil Patrcik Harris but he is one of those who has gotten better with age. This is such a fun topic and I am loving this link up. I cannot wait to link up some more posts in the future.


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