Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters and a Challenge Complete!


Another double post today where I'm linking up to Ashley for Friday Letters... but also completing the commenting challenge from Jenna!!

Dear Friday... HEY!!! I am so glad you are here! It has been one LOOOONG week, but I always look forward to your arrival!

Dear Family... I <3 you! You are just too fabulous! This weekend is going to be OODLES of fun!

Dear Mom... You are so pretty- thanks for being you! That is all!

Dear Brandon and Lindsey... Your wedding will be fabulous- I know you know this, but I wanted to state it again for the record!

Dear Dogs... You got into the trash- you are on my list!!

Dear Beach... I will see you soon. Like 4 hours soon!! Thank you half day!! :-)

Dear Heat Wave... You will not get the best of me! I am prepared! Ice in the dogs bowls, float for the pool and lots of deodorant and A/C! Thank you very much!!

Dear Birthday... You are one week away!! I can't believe I'll be 28! Fun!!

Dear Life... Thanks for the constant smiles! I am so very happy!!

Dear Readers... I've loved meeting new folks this week! I hope you stick around!

Finishing up Jenna's commenting challenge today! I have loved finding new blogs and having new friends find me!! I can't wait to learn more about each of you!

Today's Topic:
Tell us about your dream vacation!

Where would you go? Have you been there before? Who would go with you? What about it draws you in?

I have a couple! I don't travel very much so I'm building my vaca bucket list!
1) A cruise! I would love love love that! I'm pathetic I know b/c there's a cruise that leaves right from Chas- but that cost money and time off from work that this single girl don't have! Soon tho!!
2) Egypt!! I have no idea why! I just think it's beautiful!! I love the pyramids and writings on the walls and would love to go exploring!!
3) Australia!!! I must hold a Koala Bear while I'm there, as well as a monkey!! (If anyone would like to get me one of either as a pet- I'm open!)


Amy said...

Love the post and all the pictures! :)
I can't believe #1 you have a half day today...soooo jealous!
#2 that it's going to be THAT HOT this weekend..eeek
Are you going to be able to make the 6am run tomorrow?! IT IS 4 MILES!! EEK EEK EEK hahah

Nicholl Vincent said...

I loved reading this!


have a great weekend!

Kayla Cheatwood said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Love the Friday's letter!

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