Thursday, June 7, 2012

2 years

June 7, 2010... I remember everything about this day... I remember waking up to be at the hospital at 6 am... I remember being in the waiting room alone and talking to the doctor about what had and what needed to happen... I remember seeing my mom and aunts and cousins and having to tell them what he told me. I remember going into the room and not seeing the man that I loved so very dearly, but someone who looked in pain and ready to go home. I remember the kind nurses and their devotion to the job, my Papa and my family. I remember the sounds of machines being turned off, the sounds of final breathes taken, tears shed, goodbyes said and the feeling of a piece of our hearts gone forever. I remember pain, anger, hurt... but I also remember peace. Peace in knowing my Papa was with his beloved- the one woman who completed him. Peace in knowing he would never need another shot, another pill or never feel an ounce of pain. Peace in knowing he had gone home to be with his Heavenly Father.

My Papa wasn't perfect and I'm not going to portray him to be- but he was a hero to me! He and I were very close and I loved him dearly. I love the memories of watching USA on his couch with him, of playing with his dogs and thinking "do they ever stop barking", of him picking me up from school and thinking "please Papa hit the break a little sooner"!! I remember how he loved the artwork of my tattoo- even tho mom was sure he'd hate it; him joking with my dad about me being "a little smart-ass" and just looking over at me and smiling; and I remember his pride when he found out I was supporting the Navy! He was so proud of a few little stickers on my car that allowed me to go onto base, but made sure I knew to stay away from those Navy Nukes!!

It's been two years today and while, my heart still hurts that he's gone- it smiles because of the memories I have of him. Knowing that without the sacrifices he made for my mom and aunts, even in just having them- we wouldn't even be here! I thank God for my Papa- Stewart James Ronaldson- and hope that He would give him a hug from his granddaughter today and tell him I love him so!
He was so very handsome!!
 I love how he just looks on my grandmother with such love! (They're holding my mommy btw)
Papa holding me in the hospital!!
So many memories of Thanksgivings and Christmas's at our house!! 

Thank you for being so proud of me! I remember he and Vicki were so excited about my graduation card this day! It was adorable!!
Love that my mom got this special trip with him!! I know he loved it as much as she did!! 

Y'all wonder where my Gamecock blood comes from?! 
 He loved his girls!!

They were always an event to get the yearly pics on Thanksgiving- but I'm glad we have them now!!

With all his grands!!

I've posted this poem every year and will continue to...

If roses grow in Heaven,
Lord please pick a bunch for me,
Place them in my Papa's arms
and tell him they’re from me.
Tell him that I love him and miss him,
and when he turns to smile,
place a kiss upon his cheek
and hold him for awhile.
Because remembering him is easy,
I do it everyday,
but there’s an ache within my heart
that will never go away.

Dear Papa,
I miss you every day- but I know you are looking down on all of us and are smiling!!
Moma, Aunt Sheree and Aunt Shelley are such wonderful mothers- you did good and would be proud! They learned from you and grandmoma!! I know you both look on them with pride!
Annie, Jessica, Brandon, Amy and I are all grandchildren you would brag about! Two more weddings coming up soon, but you'll be there in our hearts!
Hannah and Wyatt are the light of all of our lives! You would eat both their personalities up- they are such precious children and have stolen all of our hearts!!
Thank you for looking out for all of us!
I love you and miss you so!!
All my love,


Amy said...

Beautiful post dedicated to a wonderful man!
I know he is so proud of Stacy and continues to smile down on you!
While yes, it will still hurt that he is gone, you nailed it right on the have beautiful memories shared with him forever! :)
<3 you girl, i know today is hard.

Anonymous said...

Stacy thank you for this post. It was really special, just like you. Love you! Aunt Sheree

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