Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So What Wednesday!

Hey All! Miss me? I know you did... HA! Took a little blogging hiatus b/c my computer charger decided to die a slow and painful death. SOO I had to use the old college Dell and that wasn't cutting it! Thanks to eBay for the new charger- I'm back up and running!
Linking up again with Shannon for a So What Wednesday... making it again my own version of:
"So What I'm Loving" Wednesday... yeah- it's OK, it's my blog- I can make things up! :-)
  • So what if I spent $90... I'm loving my new running shoes I got from TrySports yesterday! I had a much better experience and hope these will help my hips!
  • So what if it's "cancer in a box"... I'm loving my time at the tanning bed in prep for some big events coming up!
  • So what if we lost Monday night... I'm loving our boys for making it to Omaha for the 3rd straight here! Here's to them doing it again! 3-Peat!!
  • So what if it's the first official day of Summer... I'm loving that there's only 71 days to Football Season!! #Gamecocks #USC
  • So what if it didn't work out as planned to get pink... I'm loving the smaller size dress and the fabulous staff at David's Bridal for my dress for my cousin's wedding in 2 weeks!

  • So what if not as many ppl came out as I would've hoped for... I'm loving those that supported the "Party for a Purpose" at Mad River and that we made $145 towards goal!! YAY!!**Love these two awesome ladies!!
      **Sweet Christina! Love you doll!
**Cooper and Christina!!
  •  So what if I'm there every weekend... I'm loving that this one is no different and I have a date with the beach again!!
  •  So what if things aren't always easy... I'm loving times I get to spend with my daddy!!
  • So what if they are goofy, howling, bedhogs... I'm loving these three monsters!!
  • So what if this post was just a glimpse into the last two weeks... I'm loving keeping these memories!!
Leaving you with one reminder... one that's easier said than done!


Megan said...

I am loving going to the beach too! Love the dress! Looks great on you!

Leah said...

I LOVE LOVE your 'so what I'm loving' theme. That's awesome! Most ppl use this post to vent, but it's cool to see some awesome stuff too. And your dress is adorable. I love it!

Brandy said...

That blue dress is so cute!

Stacy said...

Thanks so much! I have to give props to David's Bridal for their help! I had ordered this same dress in pink in a larger size, and was so upset it wasn't in yet and would be to big (after losing weight). So the manager offered to exchange for a smaller size in this color and thank God it all worked out! Since it did- I had to buy the matching shoes! More pics to come after the wedding!

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