Wednesday, June 6, 2012

So What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I couldn't decide if I wanted to do a

"So What Wednesday"
or a
"What I'm Loving Wednesday"

So I decided to combine the two!!
  • So what if I dropped a pretty penny... I'm loving that I'm registered for my first half-marathon!!
    I'll see you in Savannah on November 3!! So excited!!
  • So what if I lost bad and was the first one out... I'm loving I got to see my bud of almost 24 years for some Texas Hold Em! Love you Judson!!
  • So what if it's been a lot of work... I'm loving tomorrow is the day for the Party 4 a Purpose!! I can't wait to see the turnout and have a great time with sweet friends volunteering their time!!
  • So what if I should save my leave... I'm loving the "staycation" I have planned for this weekend!
  • So what if there's more productive things I could be doing... I'm loving this will be my view ALL weekend!! I love you Sullivan!!
  • So what if they are simple romance novels... I'm loving my latest reads!

    This was recommended to me by my sweet friend Christina- go check her blog out for tons of deals and couponing tips! WOW Hot and steamy!! My goodness! Very fun read!
    Next was a follow up to on of my 12 in 12... Gabriel's Rapture
    I'm currently in the last several chapters of this book! I am loving this one more than it's first. Not only is it a romantic book, it's beautifully written and really has some beautiful phrases I had to note:
    "Grace isn't something we deserve... It comes from love. And God wraps the world in second chances and sticky little leaves and mercy, even though some people don't want them."
    "Sometimes we search for grace until it catches us."
    Seriously, check this and its predecessor out!!
  • So what I said it before... I'm loving my amazing family!
  • So what if it's a rainy day out... I'm loving that it's national running day and I excited about it!!
  • So what if it's tomorrow... I'm loving the memory of this sweet man. Tomorrow marks 2 years since he went to be with the Lord. I remember that day like it was yesterday and miss him as much if not more! I'll be doing a special post on him tomorrow!!
  • So what if this post was random and all over the place... I'm loving you anyways for reading!

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Amy said...

Yay for National Running Day!
I never thought i would celebrate it, but here we are!

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