Wednesday, June 27, 2012

So What I'm Loving and Challenge Day 3

It's Wednesday!!!
Happy Hump Day! 
Happy Midweek!!
Happy only two more days until the WEEKEND!!!

I'm doubling up and making my own post today. Linking with Shannon for "So What" Wednesday- but I can't make it negative and I enjoy my "So what... I'm Loving!"
  • So what if it's going to be crazy busy... I'm loving that it's my cousin's wedding weekend!
    Events start tomorrow night! I feel sorry for my camera b/c it's going to be in picture overload! :-D
  • So what if I don't have the ideal body... I'm loving my workout clothes! For the first time I feel like I look "good" in them and I enjoy wearing them!
  • So what if it's gangsta-ghetto-hard core... I'm love my rap workout stations! The harder the beat, the faster I run! I'm totally OK with that!!
  • So what if it's been tiring... I'm loving that I'm going to be able to take a half day Friday and hit the BEACH as part of the wedding weekend fun!
  • So what if I dropped a pretty penny on my wardrobe choices... I'm loving the dresses for all three days! I can't wait to share!!
  • So what if it's been a little hard to blog everyday... I'm loving the new followers and comments I'm getting!! Thanks for all the sweet comments!!

Speaking of the Commenting Challenge- here's part 2 of this post:
Jenna's Topic today:
Tell us about your social media! Where can we find you? Link to your twitter, pinterest, Facebook, instagram, or google +. If you don't use those sites, then tell us why not!

Also, what are your favorite websites? Are there any that you check daily? What do you like about them?
Let's see- I have one of each of the above!
Twitter- I just don't get it- and don't use it! 
Pinterest- I get on when I'm bored and have a few boards- but nothing extensive
Facebook- OHEMGEE- I am pure addicted! I am not ashamed either! I'm forever commenting, checking in, adding pictures, posting comments, etc... I just can't help it! 
Instagram- I have this on my phone as well- but I just don't understand it! LOL I'll stick with my regular camera app
Google+- I have one of those too- but I never remember it- and never get on. I don't think I could handle that and FB!!

Where can you find me? Click above and see- but do me a favor and let me know who you are- I may not accept a friend request if it looks like spam! :-)
My favorite websites? Well for sure- that would be my Facebook! I LOVE keeping up with friends and family! (BTW- does anyone else think it's funny that Facebook is so acceptable now it's not considered spelled wrong?!)
I also frequent my email every day, but only b/c it's on my phone!
Pandora is another favorite b/c I am always music listening whether at work or at the gym. 
Of course my blog also b/c I love seeing the exciting goings on!!

 And-- because I hate not adding some pictures... here's a few true statements!

 This one just b/c it's funny!

Til tomorrow lovelies!! :-D


Leah said...

I really really really love the fact you have changed it to 'so what i love' YAY for positivity :)

Melissa said...

Hi there! Stopping by from the challenge. Can't wait to read more of your blog. I hated not putting any pics in my last post. Maybe I'll have to go back and add something. Loved the last one you put!!

Christi said...

Hi! Stopping by from the challenge. I had the same question - Do we link everyday? Ha! Love you blog. Can't wait to read more!

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