Monday, June 25, 2012

Weekend Phone Photos

Fun Fun Fun! If you know me- you know I'm always snapping pics of what I'm doing on the weekend on my phone! What a fun way to share and link them up at:

~Friday night was a chill night at home with the pups as we watched our boys make it to the Championship!

~ Someone's moms out of town and I had to send a pic of the big baby!! He was starving for some attention! (He gets plenty trust me!)

 ~ Saturday started strong with a nice workout at the gym! (I love Kally's always in the mirror with me)

~ Next stop was a trip to the pool with Emily- this position didn't last long- we quickly headed to the water to float and cool off!!

 ~ Saturday night was dinner at Suede Supper Club in Mt. P... where it turned into their Neon party! Fun! I loved the glow my camera made this picture!
 ~ They passed out glow bracelets and glow wands and hats!!
~ I have said I hated the 80s throwback look, but I had to say, I was digging it that night. Made me wanna go shopping!

~ Sunday I ended up right back in the pool!! It was so peaceful and relaxing! Looking forward to doing it again next weekend with my fabulous family in tow! :-)
~ No pictures from Sunday evening- maybe b/c I was pouting too bad- we lost game 1 of the Championship- but we're gonna come back strong tonight! I know it! :-)

*I'm also hosting a fundraiser at Buffalo Wild Wings tonight for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society!! If you're in Charleston- come out to the Tanger BWW- 15% of sales go to the Team!!*

**You can learn more from the widget on the left about why we're running and how to donate!!**


Nichole said...

I'm jealous! We were rained in all weekend thanks to a Tropical Storm. Looks like you had a good weekend!

Anonymous said...

So jealous the pool picture looks awesome. It was stormy all weekend here.

Savanah said...

Thanks for linking up today! I am so jealous of all your pool time :)
Have you found Megan's blog?? I visited her a couple of weeks ago in Charleston!

Stacy said...

Boo to the storms! I think they should only be allowed during the work week- we all deserve beautiful days on the weekends! And I have checked out Megan's blog! I love seeing what she's marked off her Charleston bucket list!

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