Friday, June 22, 2012

Black and White make Gray!

Recently I've been having some thoughts and discussions on the "gray areas" of the Bible and Faith. This is something I have spoken with to my Bible study group, as well as the BFF, Elizabeth (even as recent as 545 this morning before I headed to work- nothing like waking up to a philosophical discussion!!).

Last night I brought up the statement that there are gray areas in the Bible- pause, gasp, blink- yes, there are! ***Now- before I go ANY further- let me just say- this is my opinion- yours may be the same or yours may be completely opposite- THAT'S OK! My favorite saying and one I've been using more recently is "we can agree to disagree!" That's the beauty of this "melting pot" of life and the beauty of my faith in that I can accept you for your beliefs and not judge you for them.***
Back to those gray (and can I throw out I googled is it grey/gray-lol) areas!! 
There are those areas that are without a doubt- 10 Commandments, Love Thy Neighbor, you know- the big ones!! But then comes in the gray- drinking, dancing, money, entertainment and many more.
Each of these are open to your own opinion! 
Drinking- Jesus turned water into wine, but the Bible speaks against drunkenness. 
Dancing- David danced in praise for the Lord, but we are not suppose to promote sexuality with our bodies. 
Money- money itself is not evil, but the love of money is. 
Entertainment- what you may chose to read/watch listen to may be different from mine, but does it make it any more wrong/right? 

I could go on and on about the things that the Bible leaves up to interpretation- because God gave us the free will and knowledge to make our own decisions, choices, and even sometimes mistakes.

Some gray areas I deal with:
Homosexuality: is it a sin? yes! can someone still love the Lord and be a practicing gay? yes
Abortion: is it a sin? yes! can someone have an abortion and still go on to have a relationship with God? yes
Premarital sex: is it a sin? yes! does having premarital sex mean the Lord will love me any less? no!

Since when does one sin outweigh another? In the court system we see the varying degrees of crime and punishment (even if we don't agree)- but the Lord says all sins are equal.

The biggest gray area I see in the Bible is the most beautiful part of the Bible! 
God can speak to us through the scripture and speak to us how He see fit to. You and I can both read a passage and I get that we are called to one thing and you are called to the other! That's what makes the relationship so special and beautiful! God is powerful enough to speak to us each the same way, but give a different message. 

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