Thursday, June 28, 2012

Commenting Challege Day 4

Day 4 in the commenting challenge... again I have no pictures and that makes me sad- so I'll go find some! haha!
The Topic:
Tell us about your hobbies! What do you do in your free time? What are your favorite books, movies, music etc?
Hmmm- hobbies, hobbies... what keeps me entertained?!

I love shopping- I have a serious shopping problem!!
What do I shop for? Anything!! No, not really- I am not into buying stuff for my house- mostly b/c I have my house how I want it from shopping that category already! LOL
I'm a major fan of clothes and shoe shopping! I love shoes- love love love them!

I would LOVE this!!
One Day....

**Dear Mr. Big- please for Carrie Bradshaw's closet!!

I love a good book! I can dive right in and get sucked into the end!! One of my resolutions was to read 12 in 12 in 2012 and GUESS WHAT-- I'm way past!! Stay tuned for a recap b/c I am way behind!!

I love being tan- it makes me feel thinner and prettier! All about perception right?!
Whether its beach or bed- I love that sun kissed glow!

Oh how I love collecting movies! I have been more slack lately with shoe and clothes taking top priority- but there's some movies- like Breaking Dawn- I had to buy day 1!! I also love going to the movies, but that can be expensive... but I enjoy the treat!!

Yes- I did just type that... I love my workout time! It's my "me time" where no one can disturb me! I feel such accomplishment every mile I complete!!

Family and Friends!
I consider them a "hobby" if a hobby is time spent doing or with someone you love...
I love being with them! They are all so special to me!! I cannot wait for the exciting weekend I am about to have for my cousin's wedding! I love when we can all get together! YAY!!

Til tomorrow loves!
Be good!

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