Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Recap Blog Hop

Happy Monday Lovelies!!
Another Weekend Flew by!
Usually when that happens it means it was awesome!
So- silver lining!!

Combining two into one again with Sar, Ashlee and Savanah!

This Weekend, I...
Had way too much fun with these cuties!!
Be still my heart, I adore them!!

This Weekend, I...
Picked up a new gadget that the roomie can't stop laughing over!!
Have you seen these??
It attaches to the phone!
It's so fun!!

This Weekend, I...
Had a great time with friends!
Lovely Ladies!! 

This Weekend, I...
Found my Halloween Costume!
Apparently anyone can be refs!!

This Weekend, I...
Had a promo!! YAY! $$$
And I got get decked out in Gamecock gear b/c it was right before we watched the game!!

This Weekend, I...
Fought the urge to buy this cutie!!
It was a Cocker Spaniel!! I had one growing up!
But these faces...
plus the fact that homes selling wanted $600 made it easy to say "no!"

This Weekend, I...
Stressed over the Gamecock Game (SHOCKER)
But am glad they pulled it off!!

How was your weekend??
Do tell!!

Last but not least is Meg's Blog Hop!!
This Weeks Prompt:
** What are your favorite things about the month of October? **
Oh wow! So so many!!
~Pumpkin scents in my home
~Fall decorations
~Haunted houses
~The FAIR!!
What about you??


Sar said...

LOVE the bright pink telephone! So hilarious! And you in the ref costume?! Sexy!

Tiffany said...

That bright pink phone is awesome! :)

Visiting from TWI!


Brianne said...

I really need to find a costume still.

Brittany said...

stopping by from the link up. I love cockers!! So cute

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