Thursday, October 4, 2012

Random Thursday Thoughts and 31 Days (Day 4)

It's Friday Eve Lovelies!!
Luckily this week has FLOWN by!!
It needed to b/c this weekend needs to get here ASAP!!

This weeks Random Thursday is about Pet Peeves-
Are you doing something that bugs me?! LOL

I'll be honest- if I don't like you blog quick- I move on!
Which is why I want to make mine so inviting for people to stay!!

But here's a few things that really irk me!!

Don't make my comment even harder to leave.
I will only try once, then POOF! I'm gone!

*What it looks like*

*What it feels like*

I'm not saying EVERY post has to have a picture, but I'm not going searching at blogs to read that make me feel like I'm reading a novel. Throw a cute/funny picture in there!
Otherwise- you lose me!

If I wanted to hear music, I would listen to Pandora- oh wait, I usually am!!

Honey- if you blog entices me- I'm gonna follow you!
Not just b/c you told me to!
In fact, I'm the type of person- you tell me to do something, I'm probably gonna do the opposite!!

OK- enough of my rants... some thoughts I'm having!
How many times have I said that this week?!
This weekend is going to be epic!!

~I am ECSTATIC about my new job!!
What a blessing this is!!
I'm so grateful to a team that's supported me!!

~I am loving Skinny Jeans and Heels!
I feel pretty!!
(Not something I'm use to feeling)

~The Presidential Debate!
I'm not even going there!
All I will say is everyone keeps posting things about the presidential nominees...
I'm just like look at that tree- that's a nice tree!!

~Thanks for reading my randomness!
I thought last night how awesome you all are that you want to take a look inside my head!
(You are brave)

"so just live. make mistakes and have wonderful times, but never second guess who you are, where you've been, and most importantly, where it is that you're going."
--Sex and the City

Does this really need an explanation??
Live a life with no regrets!
You only get one life- live it well!! :-)



meg said...

I love all of this - especially the impossible to solve comment riddles!


sunshine said...

I am totally with you on the CAPTCHAS and specially blogger's are the most annoying ones out there!

Victoria said...

ha i loved your list of blog pet peeves, so true they all are!!

Cocalores said...

Our pet peeves are really similar - but that photo thing seems to be really controversial (I have just written quite the opposite of what you think about it). Good thing that everyone is different. But I guess no one is crazy enough to like capchas!

Ruthy said...

I agree with all your petpeeves and don't you wish you could do something about them?

On a separate note, I am loving your skinny jeans and heels. I should do that more often to make myself feel pretty. Lately I have been trying to wear a bit of makeup more often just for a little confidence boost. I also cannot wait for the weekend to get here.

Sar said...

Giiiiirl, your heels with skinny jeans are amazing! I wish I could pull that off, but I just look like I'm trying to be someone I'm not. Wah wah.

YAY for the weekend! So close...

Natasha Dythia said...

I agree about the captchas....I hate when I write a message hit enter and boom a captcha pops up...GAH!!!! LOL - Visiting from Thirsty Thursday

Lin said...

Oh my goodness, that captcha always annoys the hell out of me. I'm like you, if I get it wrong the first time then I'm outta there. No second try.

Congratulations on the job! And holy goodness, you're rocking those skinny jeans & heels...go you! Thanks for linking up, doll.

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