Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 on Tuesday {7}

Hey My Fabulous Readers!!
Happy Tuesday!
Seriously! Thank you so much for taking a second out of your day to look into my crazy thought process!
I really love blogging and hearing from readers! It makes my day!! :-)

Linking this Tuesday with my Ten with Linny!!

I got this beautiful email yesterday!!
This Twihard will be buying her advance tickets to the midnight show!!

I love my bestie!!
These are the conversations we have!!
The important things in life!!

Want and need this for my house!!

Want and need one in my life:
NOTHING like a Southern Boy!!

ESPN College Gameday
Darius Rucker
Billy Currington
Jason Aldean
#6 USC vs #5 GA
This weekend is going to ROCK!!!

Speaking of- I need your help!
Outfit choice!!
I'm debating between this dress (1) and skirt and shirt (2)
Each have pros and cons...
#1- I like, this is my gameday dress and I spent a pretty penny on it!
My issues- We're playing a team that's colors are red and black and we are garnet and black!
I can't be looking like I'm pullin for GA!
Also, it's pretty fancy... do I want to be in it for 12+ hours??

#2- simple skirt and shirt- which I also like! It's a little more casual and won't give me as many tan lines!!
My issues- length!! Is this skirt too short?? My roomie's opinion was "as long as you're comfortable" which I am- but I also don't wanna look like a hooch!!

OK Readers- what's your vote???

Y'all know I love my furbabies all the time...
but WHY are they sooo much cuter and sweeter in the mornings when I need to get up and get ready?!

I made goal!
Well one of!
I'm talking about my fundraising goal!!
I hit $1900!! How AWESOME is that??
Our team is at 88%!! SOOOO CLOSE!!

I'm almost to my other goal!!
My "surgiversary" date is Oct 24th and I'm ~3 pounds from goal!!
I can't wait to do a post that day reflecting on the past year!!
This was the greatest decision I EVER made!!

It's October!!
How the crap did that happen?!
What's worse- is it's October and HUMID!!
Hellllooooo, Charleston- and thanks!

What are you 10 this Tuesday??


sunshine said...

I think you look great in both outfits and the short skirt looks fine, you do not look at all like a hooch! I would totally go with the shirt and skirt one, but both are nice!

Sharing my 10 on Tues on my blog... Have a great day!!!

Emily Meyers said...

hey stacy! I just found your cute blog and added myself to your followers! I'd also love to let you know about a fun Betsey Johnson Giveaway I’m having that ends soon! I’ll leave a link below:)

Hope you stop by and say hello, and thanks so much lady!
Xo, Emily

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