Tuesday, October 9, 2012

10 on Tuesday {8} & 31 Days (8/9)

This is going to be random post!
It was back to work today have a long weekend and I wasn't feeling it!

I am tired- but I can't stop smiling!
One certain thing keeps making me smile!

Half-Marathon in a month!
Holy Cheese and Rice!
I'm scared!!

It's getting colder!
I have no clothes!
This is a problem!
Time to shop! But this is going to be expensive!!
Do y'all think winter clothes are more expensive?? I do!

I need to learn how to sew a button on my pants.
I think I can remember, but it's been a while!
I have two pairs of pants with a missing button!!

Does your music choice change with the seasons?
I love pop and top 40 in summer/beach time!
But today, I can't turn off Corey Smith, Billy Currington, etc.
I feel like it goes with the weather!!

You're welcome for a few good songs:

I have lost more weight!!
I won't consider it official until my 1 year appt- but my scale says so!
110# total!!


I'm going to bed early tonight- FYI!

I complain about my dogs being bed hogs- but their warm bodies are very nice when it's cold! LOL

Day 8:
"We PRAY, DREAM, and KISS all with our eyes closed because the best things in life are unseen."Just goes to show, no matter how great things are- great things are still to come!

Day 9:
"Life isn't about finding yourself, It's about creating yourself"Do what you need to do to make you!
Like I say: I am who I am, and I'm a work in progress!! :-)

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Lin said...

3. Time to go shopping!
5. I think it does. At least I know mine does :)
7. That's so awesome! You look fantastic, btw.
10. haha

Thanks for linking up, I always enjoy your 10.

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