Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bad Bad Blogger

So... my friend Amy stated last night "umm excuse me ma'am, you have been slack on your blog"!
EPIC FAIL! I'm sorry!! This week has been nothing but trainings! I miss y'all and I miss my blog! I haven't even had time to read all the going-ons with the blogs I follow! *tear*

So here's a quick hello to say I'm not gone forever!! I will be back ASAP!! (The govt acronyms have started already!!)



Amy said...

PSHHHHHTTTT I just love you. :)
hahah so i like to say things like that!
<3 <3
Yay for boring training. I thought about sending you hilarious text messages this morning, but sided against it because i didn't want you doubling over in laughter and getting fired. :) ha

Amy said...

nominated you for the Liebster Award

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!! I just sent you an e-mail about the Fall Frenzy blog swap and need to get a mail-by date from you! Please check your email and get back to me asap! :) Thank you!!

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