Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas!!

Well Hey There!
Remember Me?!
No? Well a little Christmas recap should help!

I may even recap you on the past couple months-- but we'll get to that later!
I'm still in the Christmas Spirit! HEHE!
*speaking of- does anyone else have trouble with Dec 26? I feel like I crash a little from all the excitement of the past few days!! Maybe that's just me*

These first few were a few weeks ago, trying to get a cute picture for my Christmas Card!
My pups LOVE the camera! HA!

Christmas Eve we always go to my cousin's church for Candlelight service, then back to her house for dinner and gifts! It's always the BEST time!!
She is such a great hostest!
Yearly picture with Mom!
She is so pretty!! I just adore my mom!! 

Me, Amy and Annie 


Christmas Day I woke up with my pups and relaxed with some hot choc and a lil Call of Duty! LOL!
Then headed to Moms house for Christmas and Santa!
It was wonderful! She does the best job and always prepares things so great!
I am so very lucky to have her!
Unfortunately she wasn't feeling well and dinner was scraped, but I don't eat anyways! LOL
Then we headed over to Nanny's house for a surprise visit from the Lewis'!!
We never get to see them on Christmas, so it was a treat!
Rob, Jess and Me 
Pretty Jess!! 
Love me some Nanny! And Roswell does too!!

The evening ended with my sweet guy coming over and exchanging gifts.
It was just me and him, so no pics taken- but I'll throw this one in b/c I love it!

My goodness he's cute! I'm a lucky girl!!

I love seeing all the Christmas pics and reading the blogs about everyones Christmas!!
I hope you enjoyed Jesus' birthday as much as I did!

I am blessed beyond measure!!

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Amy said...

Glad you're posting again! :)
Loved seeing these pics on fb AND the blog too!! :) :)
Glad you had a great Christmas Stacy! <3 miss you.

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