Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some people should not own pets!!

On my way home today I see this CUTE little pup walkin down the road. I pull into my driveway and see it sniffing out everyone's yard. Something in my stomach said, he was lost. So I took my groceries in the house-- actually I threw them in so I wouldn't loose the dog! I got back in my car and went and picked him up to see his collar. NO PHONE NUMBER OR ADDRESS!!! So, I put him in and drove around to see if anyone was at the builder's or the office. NOPE! As I came back to my house to call my mom, cuz I didn't know WHAT to do, I see our neighbor across the street. She said the dog belonged to someone at the end of the street. I walk the dog back to the house where the owner opened the door and was shocked I had his dog in my hands. I said I found his dog around and didn't want her to get hurt. His response was "oh, thanks!" I'm sorry, but if my dog was out on the street-- I WOULD KNOW IT!!! I treat my pets like my babies!! And my friends pets as well!! People should have to get a license to be able to own a pet!!

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Anonymous said...

Is that your cute little dog? I am as you know animal lover and I see stranded dogs on the road and wonder, Who do you belong too! Some people don't deserve to have a pet, just like some don't deserve to have children. HAVE A GREAT DAY! Keep up the good works. See you next weekend. Love Aunt Sheree

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